Reduced Engine Power

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Hi. I drive a 2012 Chevy Impala with 84,000 miles. My drive time is usually uneventful. However, while on a trip last week, the check engine light came on with service stabilitrak, traction control, and engine power reduced messages. I could feel the car was not running with full power, but I was able to keep up the current speed. When I got to the next town I pulled over and dug out my manual. After a few minutes I started the car up, the messages were gone so I took off. That lasted a few minutes and they were back on. Still able to drive I crossed my fingers and made it the last 45 minutes to my destination.
I've done lots of troubleshooting on-line and found some real horror stories of cars just quitting while on the road. I also read lots of different ideas about what caused this to happen and how people fixed their cars. I have talked with a couple of my mechanic friends and I now have a throttle body ordered.
What I am wondering is this: How many of you that chose to keep your cars have had this reoccur again? And did anyone else who fixed it another way have it reoccur for them? I really like my car and it fits my needs well, but I am not interested in putting myself or anyone else in danger because of this issue. I hate car shopping, but I will do it if I need to. Thanks for any input you care to share.
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