2001 Buick Century wont start after cleaning air filter

HeatM1serHeatM1ser Member Posts: 1
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Hi, and thanks for taking the time to read this. My grandmother just gave me her 2001 Buick Century. The car was starting just fine, but then when I took the air filter out and cleaned it, then put it back, the car wont start now. It just cranks and cranks, but wont turn over. I took the filter out and re-sat it and attached the hose once more, but that didnt do anything. The fuel gauge doesnt work, so I thought maybe it had simply run out of gas. Filled it with 2 gallons of 87 and tried to start the car again, but no luck.

Before cleaning the air filter I bought a cheap OBD2 scanner, which reveals a P0135. I ran the OBD2 scan again and now its also showing a P0446. What would you guys suggest I try to get the car started?
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