Honda Civic Test Drive - what did you think?

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Taken a Civic for a test drive? Give us your impressions here.


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    one word

    some more words, one heck of a package, way out there above anything else anywhere near it's price, why pay soooo much for a bmw, no joke if you are considering a sports car must try a civic. i'd like to drive an si to see if the seats are more bolstered than the ex if so then i may not fit, please if any of you who are size challenged let me know.
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    Hi. Tell us more about your test drive!

    By the way, the best place to find out what folks think of the Si is here: Honda Civic Coupe / Civic Si 2006+ - I moved one of your posts there for you. Keep us posted!
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    Before you buy make sure a rough noisy ride is okay with
    you.On smooth roads it is great but this country's
    deteriorating roads will have you wishing for a big
    heavy car with marshmello springs.We can send a man to the moon but we can't keep our roads repaired.As far as room
    I weigh over 260 and don't feel cramped.The only other negative is the sheet metal is thin and dents easily.That is a result of saving weight for good MPG.
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    i was impressed with the look and feel of the interior, the outside is the best looking of the small cars, i know it's heresy but it might steal the thunder of the gasp bmw. handles like a slot car, very good power, nice touches like the ipod holder and connector. cool interior, slight, did i say slick 5sp man.i drove it on regular roads, would like to have it on the hwy, yea road noise was noticable ( i drive a toyota sienna...yea yea i know but i got the "spoiler" to sport it up ha ha ha) i've had them all driven them all, had the bmw, slk MB, corvette, for a time dino (remember that)mustang gt conv,volvo s40(also very sweet ride, get 34mpg at 65 with a/c--my wifes present car t5 awd. so i know the talk and walked the walk. but i tell you this is a true benchmark for any car, let alone one that gets 44mpg
    slick, smooth, very well modulated brakes, handbrake at first looks weird but right where it needs to be, very good room (i drove both the coupe and sedan. seats very comfortable for my wide challenged body. i need to sit in the si to see if the seats offer tooooo much bolstering, and how easy to get in and out, the specs suggest it's lower than the ex. it just made be happy driving the thing, something i would look forward to driving. some say the dual level dash is a distraction, not so, the speedo is right there where you need it and you'll need it because this sucker scoots. and the safety ratings are very impressive to quote a consumer mag. awesome fit and finish and i know the car lasts longer than the payments and has a great resale. it gets better milage than the fit and you get much more car. it's very impressive, i had a 94-95 civic ex 5sp,(the one with the integrated headrests) my parents got in it and just were wowed. this is also a major wow car. i'd get it with red, cool fin/spoiler and sporty exhaust.
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    We recently test drove an '07 EX sedan, and one impression I got was an apparently restricted rear visibility compared to other makes and models I've driven. To me it appears that the visibility cutoff is significantly further back, yet I've seen no mention of this in any of the ratings or reviews. Is this just me, maybe from a low seat hight setting or mirror adjustment? :confuse:
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