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Pontiac Vibe GT 2009 Weird Noises HELP!

ksvideoksvideo Member Posts: 1
edited July 2019 in Pontiac
Hey all,

Hope you can help!!! Our car is making weird noises and I just moved to a
new area and got definite wrong answers from local shops and they charged me $50-$100 each to tell me different things, all overly priced, all definitely wrong!

If anyone has any idea right off the bat what is up here I would appreciate it!

I apologize for the odd edit, but I also just got a new phone! I did my best! It is only 5 minutes and you can watch it all in beautiful HD right here! https://youtu.be/-dwaXht-qW8

Most likely going to sell this car soon, but my wife needs it for a few more
weeks and if it is a reasonable repair, I will try to do it myself possibly (I am
excellent at utilizing youtube videos!)

Thanks so much!


  • imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 27,147
    Where does the noise seem to come from when it's making the tinny sound while the car is not moving?

    Have you opened the hood and listened from different angles to determine if its source is there? Is there someone else who can gentle accelerate the engine while the hood is open to see if the noise is there?

    You noticed the beauty piece near the rear seemed to be moving.

    I can think of several things that might give that noise just from the slight movement of a stationary car and a running engine.

    A protector shield over the catalytic converter to keep the heat from getting to the floor board. Those can rust and come loose.
    A shield over the exhaust pipe at the back of the engine that keeps the exhaust pipe from heating up the front floor. Those are often held by only a couple of screws and are very thin metal.
    A layer of the muffle that has corroded and is coming loose? Or an internal piece of the muffle that has come loose.
    An idler pulley on the serpentine belt.

    Other thin metal pieces that might rub are the backing plates on the brakes that shield the rotors from splash. One could be making contact in a way that the idle vibrations cause sounds, but these usually make noise when moving.

    I've thrown out some ideas and part of those may not be applicable to your vehicle.

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