Battery Life and Honda Customer Service

DlynnDlynn GeorgiaMember Posts: 1
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Dear Walsh Honda,
How disappointed I am with Honda Accord 2013. I called the service center 7/9 in the a.m. and said my car would not start without me jumping it and this is the second time so I know it is the battery. The Honda employee ask for my info and VIN number looked it up and said he agreed. He told me he could not take the car until the next day 7/10. But what he did not inform me is if I took it that day 7/9 it was under the 100 warranty but the next day I had to pay 165.32. Really Honda where is the customer service. How disappointing it is to know that you don't look out for your greatest asset. ME the customer!!!!
This is my third battery in six years.
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