2017 MKC Battery Drain

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My 2017 MKC continually drains the battery, rendering the car dead. Lincoln refuses to acknowledge or stand behind their product. My 2017 MKC has been in the shop six times. Each time they think they have fixed it. They have replaced the instrument cluster, the battery, the hatch door patch, etc. This last trip to the shop it even died right in the shop after they charged it overnight. It has been in the shop 6 days so far this trip trying to diagnose it. Now they say it is a failed gateway module. Maybe it is, but each time I have brought it in, they say they found something. I requested Lincoln Corporate to make a good faith buy back - they refused. It doesn't qualify under my state's lemon law. So much for the "good faith" of Lincoln. Well after the owner of six Lincolns, this will be my last. Too bad, I really like the car, but it is 100% unreliable since you never know when it will be dead. Avoid this vehicle.


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    Update - day 10 still waiting
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    Problems like this are often anything but easy unless the tech happens to get lucky. That being said there are ways to diagnose problems like this but the strategies aren't taught or supported by the manufacturers so the only dealer techs that know them are the ones who also seek out aftermarket training. The short side of this is we would set the car so that all of the modules on the car would go to sleep with the doors open. Then we would attach a low amps current probe to the battery cable that leads to the under hood power distribution center. Now it's a waiting game, we have to get the drain to occur to proceed. Once we get that to happen, the next step is to measure the voltage drops across the fuses. In the past we would unplug them and when we pulled the right fuse the drain would drop. On today's cars you can get the drain to drop, but it might not return and allow for further diagnostics when it is put back in. Measuring the voltage drop across the fuse solves that problem. One requirement though is it takes a more advanced voltmeter to measure into the millionths of volts.

    One of the last things to understand is techs that have made the investment in themselves to be able to do this are rarely paid for the time that diagnosing your car will use. They have to work harder to get other work out the door so that they can absorb the unpaid hours that they have to spend on these kinds of failures.
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    Same problem with my Lincoln MKC
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    I only had my 2017 MKC Reserve for 2 years and I am on my 3rd battery. Cannot find a remedy for this problem. I sent a letter to Ford Lincoln. Have not heard back from them. There is an elictrical defect with this car. Check out the Lincoln MKC forum and you will find a lot of people with the same problem. It is a scary car because you don't know when it will go out completely and be left out in the cold
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