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Acura RSX Transmission Questions

raniacraniac Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Acura
So after some thinking I've made my choice of going with the Acura RSX, but still have a few questions that I know the dealers will not give me a honest answer to ( Those cheap lying %@#%#@%).

I understand that the Acura RSX has a Sportronic Transmission (Auto/Manual), How exactly does the Manual Mode work? and is it as responsive as a regular stick shift?

I also have heard that the audio/sound system in the RSX is very poor, is this true?

Oh and what color! White/Silver/Dark Gray << only those!

If you have the RSX please let me know! Thanks in advance


  • Hey there!!

    I have an 05 Type S and I love it!!!

    I cant answer your question about the Sportronic Transmission, because the Type S is a standard. But I love the sound system in my car, it sounds awesome!! No rattling or anything with the bass turned up.

    As far as colours go definately the Dark Gray (the Magnesium - i think they still call it that for the 06). That is the color I have and I have gotten a ton of comments from auto body guys about how that color is really nice and timeless. I love the Dark Gray, the silver is my second choice but the darker color i think brings out the car very nicely.

    Hope this helped.
    Enjoy your RSX!!
  • You realize the RSX is bing discontinued.This is the last year too much competition from Civic S and Acura wants to move more upscale
  • shc1shc1 Posts: 10
    Have got 6000 on my rsx and love it. Its standard with auto and manual shifts are good, auto shift points are about 300 rpm below red line.
    The magnesium dark gray color shows almost no dirt unless it gets really bad and I agree its timeless.
    I'm very happy with the sound system.
    Plan to make some mods soon, rims and tires \, ect.
    Good luck.

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