Volkswagen Eos Photos and Videos

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Volkswagen Eos Photos & Videos


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    Bare with me people, its in german but no talking. Visit elle/eos/highlights/fahrspass.html

    . It takes you directly to the eos's home page with some relaxing music. From there you will see a short video.

    Once onto the homepage, you'll see a diagram of the top unfolding and a small strand with 4 blue dots. Click the first 1. The top 1 is for dial-up. the second is for dsl/cable. Its about 3-5minutes. The top feature is awesome!! On top the entire page, modelle. Feel free to look at the all new GTI. (It is under polo, the red 1). ;)
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    The car looks great. I have been waiting for a new convertible from VW that a heterosexual male can drive without ridicule for some time. I fear two things:

    1. It will have reliability the same problems that plauge other cars in the recent VW line-up. The folding top looks particularly troublesome since it looks like it will likely have issues.

    2. VW may be trying to move up market too agressively and alienate its audience in the process. The hype on this is already positioning it as a variant of the Passat and not the Jetta/Golf. The car is clearly built on the Jetta/Golf platform - it has the same wheelbase and track measurements, while the Passat platform is merely an extended version of the Jetta/Golf platform.

    All this talk of $30,000 base scares me. I can afford it, but that doesn't mean I want to spend that much on an "affordable" convertible. I may look at other $30,000+ convertibles unless the price is lower. A base of $25K to $26K seems far more appopriate considering the car's heritage, underpinnings and target market.
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    Well th... :( and the new beetle... :cry: but the eos... :mad: ok vw aren't the most reliable vehicles on the market. However, there is no denying that they have somewhat improved (after 2005 not including to beetles)! The roof does seem like it would cause problems. If i had $45k, i would buy a fully loaded eos and get a more useful car than if i bought a $52k mercedes-benz clk convertible. Imagine what you could buy with those savings :shades: ....
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    Don't get me wrong, I really like the slightly face lifted Jetta coupe/convertible, but lets not fool ourselves, that's all it is. It is clearly not in the same league as any Mercedes, BMW. . . It is just a slightly more stylized Jetta and should be priced accordingly. While there may be much buzz about the car now, one year later, the buzz will be gone and the fact that it is just a fancy Jetta will become more apparent.

    That being said, I most likely will buy one and I expect to do so for under $30,000. There are so many better cars that you could get for $45K, I won't even bother responding to your assertion. I expect that you will be able to get a fully loaded Jetta coupe/convertible for under $35,000, but at that price, I think I would rather pay only slightly more and get the far superior Saab 9-3 convertible.

    I hope rational heads prevail at VW and they do not try to be too aggressive with pricing. It may work the first year, but if they price it too high the market will ultimately push back and the car will either fail, suffer less profitable lower volumes, or be forced to reprice to gain the profits that only higher volumes can bring.

    But let me repeat. I love this car. I will buy one and I will gladly wait to not spend more than $30K.
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    I admit, i was kinda assertive :blush: but in an excited manner. Think about it. Other than custom made vehicles, this car is nothing quite unlike anything on the market. It may not be a sporty car but it is different. Hopefully with good fuel economy and reliability this car WILL be a hit. This car should compete with the 2006 C70, toyota Solara, pontiac g6 convertible and the 325Ci. I'm predicting honda will make fullsize sedan and an accord convertible. :shades:

    :( I wasn't slamming mercedes, but i think that there should be a smaller C or A class based convertible with a smaller price tag than the 325ci convertible. From personal experience, some mercedes are just :lemon: .

    Does anyone else agree/disagree with any thing else above mentioned?
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    I completely agree!!! I have been waiting for a great little convertible that has a back seat, and I can afford at the same time. I dont need a sports car engine,or appearance anymore; I just love having a convertible. Now that i'm a mom, I look for that fuel economy and reliability. This would be perfect for me and my son. It would be nice to have that in something cute that I actually want to drive. Not every mom wants the typical soccer mom looking car!!! :blush:
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    Sounds like you want a Toyota Solara. Reliable, convertible, decent back seat.
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    You forget that she does not want a typical soccer mom looking car!!! The Solara is about as bland, sterile, and unappealing as a typical soccer mom could want to drive around suburbia. Are you seriously suggesting that a Toyota Camry is not a soccer mom car? ? ? That's funny! ! !
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    You sound like my mom. She drives a 2002 miata and she knows how to make stuff fit, extra game gear or and extra suitcase. But back to the Eos, this cars is an appealing cheap alternative to a Lexus Sc430 or BMW 650i which both have some questionable styling and are $$$ for people with 2 commas in a paycheck or enjoys paying high bills. The backseat in an eos looks more family oriented than to that of the bigger lexus. :D
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    The Solara doesn't look that bad, does it?

    She could get a Saab convertible, but reliability on those are iffy.
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    I'm from Chicago. Was just at The Chicago auto show. They had an Eos you could actually sit in and check out. The VW person I talked to has different info than the dealer Prices To start at $32k and have Passat options per dealer. Due to hit the street sometime between June and September. Car really is nice and fairly roomy. Actually still has a trunk when the top is down. Loved the multifunction top. I'm considering it over a Volvo C70 which runs over 45K fully loaded which is Saab territory. Don't know about reliability but it's got to beat the Ford I have.
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    The fact he calls out his "heterosexuality" makes the comment suspect.....pity he's not secure enough to drive what he wants.
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    Here is my eos on lookout mountain near Buffalo Bills Grave in Colorado.
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    Hi, this a review of the VW 2.0 FSi for those people who like the car (and undertand spanish)
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    Sorry i forgot to insert the link:
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