2020 Toyota Tacoma News, Release Date and Pricing | Edmunds

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2020 Toyota Tacoma News, Release Date and Pricing | Edmunds

The refreshed 2020 Toyota Tacoma debuted at the Chicago Auto Show, looking more useful and livable than ever. Find out all of the latest news about the new Tacoma pickup truck, including the release date and pricing.

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  • BalackbeardBalackbeard Member Posts: 1
    Does it still get the same crappy gas milage?
  • 123funforme123funforme Member Posts: 1
    If fuel economy is your main concern, maybe you shouldn't be looking at a V6 midsized truck. Try the Honda Civic.
  • JoeystruckgoldJoeystruckgold Member Posts: 1
    Gas mileage? for what its worth in value, you might lose a few miles, but you earn all that money back and more when you sell this vehicle, which I doubt. As long as you keep up with the maintenance this truck will out live you. Toyota has a winner. I have owned two Tacomas, and one thing I never have had to worry about is reliability, better than any woman I have ever had as far as loyalty, functionality, and dependability, and oh yeah, she can take a LOAD!!!!!
  • KalvininSCKalvininSC Member Posts: 1
    I'm personally hoping for the diesel version. My 2008 Tacoma just hit 500,000 miles but the new diesel mileage and increased capacity are the two items I've been looking forward to for quite some time.
  • Dave9876Dave9876 Member Posts: 1
    I thought the 2020 Tacoma was offering a Diesel engine. What happened?
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