over heating, coolant not circulating

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i have a 2005 dodge dakota. it over heats idling and driving at any speed. fan is pulling air just like it's suppose to. i have replaced the water pump, thermostat, flushed radiator and engine and still can't get coolant to circulate. the radiator is only 3 years old and the flush came out as clean as it did going in. one mechanic still says it't the radiator because the truck sat idle for about 8 months. another says no it's not the radiator but wouldn't give me his diagnoses unless i paid him $100 up front. all suggestions and opinions will be greatly appreciated. please help


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    the truck had no signs of a bad head gasket, dry spark plugs, no white exhaust, no milky oil. except for overheating it ran and sounded like it always had. still a blown head gasket was the problem. so now i have a great running truck and a very thin wallet. oh well
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    Well there HAD to be an underlying cause. If this is the only major thing you've ever had to repair on the truck in 14 years, the cost, while painful short term, really isn't too bad if you think about it. Could have been WAY worse. You got it before any engine damage happened. Could have had the cost AND a less than great running truck
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    You're right Mr. Flyer, thanks for the positive way of looking at it. I feel a little better :)
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    My 2005 Dodge Dakota gets hot while driving w/ no A/C and in park while idling. It manages to stay at 180-195 right below mid notch when starting the vehicle and driving for about 30 mins then it starts getting hot gradually. When A/C is in use the cooling system simply can’t keep up cooling her down. I’ve replaced the water pump, radiator, fan clutch and thermostat. My guess there’s obstruction in the channel of the block of the engine or who knows??? I’ve opened rad cap to see if there’s circulation at its operating temp but all I’ve seen is just rising coolant more than moving fluid. I’m at lost with this truck and I’m trying to sell it. Any feedback would much greatly appreciated!!!

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