Ford Freestyle Water on Front Passenger Ffloor

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Traveling with the A/C on for several hours I noticed the front passenger floor well was filled up with clear water. After turning off A/C no more leaked in. Now it only will leak sometimes with A/C on other times not. Ford in Canada couldn't find source of leak. I am bringing the car to my dealer in NY today. The water came out of the plastic cover under the glove box. Please help ??air pollen filter??


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    I had this same issue in another Ford I owned. It was worse on some days and ok on other days. After several visits to the dealer they finally discovered the drain house for condensation had a weak spot in it and sometimes the tube just closed. The tube is located right under the A/C coils under your dash right next to floor. Usually you can't see the tube as there is not much space between coil/heater box and floor. They replaced the drain tube and I never had a problem again. Hope your's is that simple to fix!
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    I had a similar problem with my Freestyle. Last summer I discovered a lot of water under the carpet on the driver's side in the first and second rows. The dealer added an extension to the AC drain tube, which I thought fixed the problem. But this summer I had another flood in the same location, and when I took it back it turned out the tube they had installed was clogged with plastic shavings -- they unclogged it with a coat hanger and sent it to an upholstery shop to dry out the pad and carpet. This has been my only major problem with the vehicle.
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    Hi Everyone...

    I seem to have a similar problem as alot do on here...whenever i turn my a/c or vent on i get water pouring into my passsenger side under the dashboard...I took it to a repair place and they drained the water (charged me an arm and a leg) and said there was a clog but then they said I would have to take it to a dealer to get the clog out because they couldn't do it...

    My question is this:
    Is this something I can do myself? I'm not afraid to get under the car and figure out what to do but I have no clue even where to look or to start...I just dont have the money to be blowing on a dealership if all it is is some kind of small hose that i can replace myself.


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    Is your Freestyle not still under warranty? Even if you're past the 36,000 mile mark, I would think a Ford dealer would take care of this for no charge. It has to be a pre-existing problem, I would think.
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    I am happy with my Jeep Commander 07. I look forward to owning it a long time.

    I am going to take my Jeep Commander in tomorrow am for the 3rd time for the same problem. I've paid over $300 to no avail to the dealer's repair and body shops. It is a conundrum:
    I've heard water sloshing in doors and overhead.
    I've witnessed water flowing out of windshield top onto dashboard on passenger side when I stopped and water overhead (inside top) rushed to the front top passenger side.
    Now, after fixing windshield and water routing over doors, problem of water in floorboard still exists. I have not, however, seen it flowing in from the windshield top. Sloshing now seems to be in the dashboard area.

    Jeep is 38,000 miles--2,000 over the warranty limit. Just my luck.

    I am leary after reading about other water-leak problems as I presently have 1 1/2 inches of water standing in the passenger floorboard.

    Do you have a similar story with a fix? I'll share whatever happens tomorrow. They have already kept the car about 6 days/night for this problem.
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    I have an 06 Freestyle that leaks water in the truck area. Have verified it is NOT coming from the sun roof or windshield. Have seen many many posts about the same problem, "found water pouring from the driver's side 3rd seat row seat belt hole and down the belt".

    Yet not one post about how or what was done to fix it. Can anyone help?

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    Can you pls. advise me on your problem. Did they fix the leak? I just hit 37,000 miles on my 2008 Commander and cannot figure out why the driver's side floor is soaking wet??? It has been in parked position for three days... no water on the floor until today (it is raining out). Did they solve your problem? Please Help Me Someone!
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