I love my S600

vettebkvettebk MarylandMember Posts: 2
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So like most of you I heard all the scare stories about the V12. I found an embassy car (CarFacts confirmed it was a 2007 State Dept car) with 55K miles and great service records with a Designo interior. My indie did a PPI and warned me about the V12 stories. He said it was in good shape and well maintained but it needed a control arm, ABC service, and new rear pads. I put on new ABC hoses and flushed the system. A valve block was seeping so we serviced it also.
I put in Hawk ceramic pads. I think I have it up to standards now and it was a dream to drive on two 1000 mile trips to Florida. It is definitely more expensive to service this fine motorcar; but worth every penny. If you want an S class V12, and it is not your only car; and you are willing to pay for the extra service costs, then I say "you only live once, go for it". I have been very satisfied with my S600. As soon as I can find a better S65 (maybe a 2012), and these are very rare cars, I will add that to the fleet as well.
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