Problems with Goodyear tires

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Firestones if they were great?


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    The softer the tire, the better the traction and performance at the price of less wear. The harder the tire, the worse the traction and performance at (if you want to call it a benefit) the benefit of better wear.

    Me, I have had Good Year ATs and was nothing but pleased, both performance and price.
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    The Goodyears I have owned all came on the vehicles when I bought them,I never got over 20,000 miles on any of them.Some were Eagles and I expected the bad wear.The rest were Wrangler A/T's,they sucked.I haven't owned a pair in years so maybe they are better now.I found them to wear fast and get terrible traction.I replaced them all with Michelin's and found a great improvement.But I will warn you Michelin's are expensive,I feel worth every penny,but now twenty people will jump all over me to tell me I'm wrong,or stupid,or worse.Oh well...That is my two cents...the XCX A/T's on my 96 Ram have just over forty thousand miles on them now,and will probably go another twenty thousand at the very least,traction is dropping off slightly but still very good.
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    got 40,000 out of my Wrangler TD's...and that was with poor rotation shedules..

    - Tim
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    I never had many problems with Goodyear but we prefer General brand for price and durabilty. Your G-Y issue may be with the individual dealer as opposed to the OEM. I had a similar dispute over my Firestones on my 98 but was later resolved by another tire store--same brand-go figure.
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    with the goodyear tires. Friday afternoon I went out to my truck to find that I had a flat tire, no problem I just changed it and went over to the tire store and they took care of it under warranty. Saturday was the final straw for me I was driving out to a fishing spot when I heard a loud pop followed by my truck damn near running off the road, the sidewall had blown out so I went down to the tire store today and told them to remove the tires and give me however much they were worth towards a new set of tires that didn't suck. Now I have a new set of michelinsdor another $300. I can honestly say that I do not desire to have another set of Goodyears on anything I own.
    By the way I did not get firestones again because they did not have them in the size I wanted.
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    had lots of probs with Goodyears, a few years ago. blow outs, bad wear, you name it...all was heavy duty apps.

    Bridgestones have been used ever since, and tires have no longer been something to think about.
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    Mostly E series tires (GSA's) or winter studdies in car apps. Very happy. Continue to preference buy Goodyears.

    Lariat1. I'd print out all this conversations stuff, type Goodyear a really nice letter and see if they will do any customer satisfaction stuff for you.

    Sorry, I own their stock. I want them to be world class. They got kicked off the DJIA last summer and their stock dropped to 1/3. Suspect they would like to return to their previous glory. Maybe they will help you out.
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    was all I had with Goodyear tires on my old Dodge truck. the truck came factory equipped with Goodyear GSA's and they wore out after about 20,000 miles. Several years later, with about 150,000 miles on the truck I put on a set of Goodyear Wranglers (which I bought at a discount since they didn't have the Michelins I wanted in stock) that started cupping/feathering after only a few thousand miles. Tire store said my front end was out of alignment. They aligned it like 3 times in 1 year and kept finding it was on the money, yet the tires kept wearing.

    After considerable heated discussion, they finally gave me the Michelins I wanted to begin with. The Goodyears had only about 15,000 miles on them by that time and they weren't fit to put on a junkyard truck. I'll never own Goodyears again.
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    Goodyear replaced three of the four original tires on my 99 ram 1500 4x4 before I had 1000 miles on them. On my first trip they said there was nothing wrong with them but they did replace one?????? Vibration was still there. I took the truck to my dealer and he put 4 Michelins on the truck and my vibration problems went away. Took this info back to Goodyear and they replaced two more. Why didn't they do that the first time. I have not had good luck with Goodyear tires. My 96 Intrepid wore out a set of Eagle GA's in 30,000 miles. I feel pretty lucky to get that many miles out of them.

    In my opinion, Goodyear does not care about quality, only quantity production. They put defective tires on the market and leave it up to the consumer to battle the problems. Not a good way to become a world class company.
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    I think that Goodyear may have learned about the quality part from GM...cause if I didn't read all of your post, and read the last paragraph only, I would swear that you was talking about GM...
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    had its fair share of complaints about quality - I can't say that I am a fan of Goodyear for any application - from racing to off roading.

    My impression of Goodyear is that they aim to produce tires for the vehicle that is used as a commuter-mobile, and they are probably very good at doing so - good value, good wear etc.

    However, by trying to meet that narrow sector of the market, they often have problems when their products are used by more 'entusiastic' drivers - just my experience.
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    I've had several sets of GY 235-85R 16 E, Wrangler either HT or AT on a couple of trucks. The GY are softer riding than Michelin. The tread depth is deeper to start than Michelin (15 vs. 13). I usually dump tires at a tread depth of 4 to 5/32". The mileage is usually somewhere between 55K and 65K. Once had a "Radial Tire Pull" affecting drivability and couldn't be aligned to not pull. GY swapped the tire with no questions and only charged for half of the tread depth used. (A word for you skeptics out there. I usually get over 80K miles on brake pads. So in part it may be my driving style and anal attention to inflation pressures.)

    On the '99 SD the tread depth is running 7 to 9 and has almost 40K miles. The tires are Firestones 265-75R 16 E. Maybe I'll get 60K???

    My experience is that Goodyear makes the best tires in the world and I don't own any GY stock.
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    If that is how to describe GM, there must not be words bad enough to describe Ford. I now tell people that I used to like Ford until I owned one. I have had much better luck with GM than Ford. I have probably had more problems with my one Super Duty truck, than all my GMs put together.

    I have also had very good luck with Goodyear. I had an 87 Z28 with the Goodyear Eagle GT's and I would get 45K out of the fronts and 90K out of the back tires. I never rotated the tires at all, so if you believe the theory that rotating extends the overall life I might have gotten 80K on each tire. I personally think the potential downfalls (like wearing all tires quicker with a bad front end alignment, etc.) outweighs the benefit of rotation. The Goodyears on my truck now still look brand new with 10K miles, so I can't imagine them wearing out at 20K, and expect they will last as long as the Z28's. I will rotate the truck's, but only because it is a 4X4.
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    I had some goodyear LS on my GM made Buick Regal GS. They would scream turning a corner at 35. Motor Trend evaluated the GS and said that the only downfall to the car was the deficiency of the tire selection. The Goodyear LS limited the GS to a governor limited 104 mph when the car could easily have done 150 with the supercharger. Leave it to GM to pick a cheap tire to put on a performance sedan... By the time I had 10000 miles on the car, the tire noise was unbearable. Because it was on a lease and the wife drove it, I let it go. The only tires worst than the Goodyears are the Generals which by the way, GM uses on the Silverados. On a GM authorized swapout, I was credited $25 per tire. The service manager said that GM must get some kind of awesome discount on the tires. I told him to check with the local dealer on exactly how much a new General would cost. He did and was surprised that he could buy the exact tire for $30 and recommended retail was $40.

    The only thing about Goodyear that impresses me is their blimp...;)
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    When I bougth my new GM pickup it came with good years, in a few thousands miles they wore flat spots mostly on the outside and worst on the front tires, I went to the Good Year dealer, and he told me my truck was out of aligment, got the aligment and two new front tires, and the same thing was happening.

    Went to the Michelin dealer, he told me my front end was good and no aligment was needed, got four Michelins and went 80,000 miles I did not even rotated the tires like I was supoused too, just bougth four new Michelins and I feel like the old ones could have gone another 10,000, perfect even wear, the extra money one pays for the tires is well worth it, superb ride and grip and the long life more than makes the extra money.
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    Really like the 17" Goodyear AT/S tires on my 1999 F-150 4X4. The truck has nearly 20,000 miles on it and the tires are still showing 10/32 tread depth and I live on rather poor dirt/rock roads in New Mexico. Sometimes I think I might need to have them rebalances, but have not bothered yet. These may be the first tires in a long time that I make to 30,000 miles on a 4X4.
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    Front tire wear has been on the rise since everyone and his brother has been using limited-slip rear differentials. Even with a true straight ahead front end alignment, the steering tires must overcome the tendence of the rear end to want to make the vehicle go straight ahead.

    Talk with people without LS diff's, and you'll find that they don't understand why you're whining about tire wear -- since they don't have it.
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    Have it on my Silverado, had it on my Crown Vic wagon. No advers effect on tire wear. jgorka, don't agree with your statement.

    Also like Goodyears!
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    Goodyear just like the name says is Good for a Year. Will only buy BFG.
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    BFG doesn't make tires any more. They sold their tier business to Michelin in '86.
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    In the long run, I look at it in this way, I just got a new set of Michelins for my pick up, after 90,000 miles and six years, my old tires wore evenly and had a few thousand miles left, if I had a cheaper brand I would have bougth by now a half a set at least, if not a new set, that would have offset the initial savings and put me behind by some dollars. That 150$ extra I paid for Michelins if I went to another brand I could have blown it at a good restaurant and next day have nothing to show for, instead I had six good years of quality ride were tires were not my concern, in general cheaper is not savings.

    My experience,
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    I've had them all (Name Brands)Goodyear, Michelins, BFGS, Firestones.

    I think performance comes with competition changes. I think mfr want to make them top sellers wihout the testing required. At the moment I have BGFS on my wrangler. No problems. I read your letters and I cringe. Now I'm undecided on my next set of tires. Perhaps generic kelly tires?
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    Have the 17" Goodyear ATS tires on my 4X4 F-150. So far I think they may be the best tires I have ever had on a truck that is used a lot on dirt/rock roads at high speeds. They have nearly 20,000 miles on them - will make another 10,000 miles easily with plenty of tread left at that point for my constant mud/snow conditions. These tires still have an average of 12/32" tread depth! Plus they ride well and handle well both on and off road. So, far I am impressed and have no negative comment - and I am not an easy consumer to satisfy.
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    Goodyear doesn't make a LT 265 x 75 R 16 in laod range E.
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    I was thinking of replacing my Firestones (265'75R16E) and the closest they could come was the GSA or the ATS's in load D, They don't make that size in E, The GoodYear guy said he had never seen a tire that size in E. I have been looking around, Cooper makes a tire with E ratings with a 50,000 mile warranty at $99 a tire, GoodYear wanted $176/GSA, $167/ATS. You can buy 5 Coopers and have change left over for the price of 4 goodyears.
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    I just bought the Goodyears (265 x 75 R16 D) at America's Tire Store. $676 included all taxes and an extended service contract (If anything happens to the tire, they replace it.) that was $15.

    The LR D tires are good to 3000 pounds at 65 PSI. The LR E tires are good to 3415 pounds at 80 PSI. I don't know what you're driving but you would be hard pressed to max out the tires at 6000 pounds before maxing out the axle.

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    Goodyear seems to be having a problem with older Marathon TRAILER tires. I called them about them and they are replacing my 4 low mi. tires for free .....the new design marathons have a circled S on them
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    Hi Greg ,you are exactly right. I didnt have all the info with me when i made the post. But I did just picked up my 4 new ST225/75r15 tires !
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    My 98 Dakota 4x4 has 31x105 Goodyear AT/S. I have 55,000 miles on these tires. About 3 tire rotations (including the fullsize spare) and one nail puncture patch. The patched tire is currently the spare. They have a reasonable amount of tread left, though they will likely need replacement this coming spring. I have been very happy with there on road and off road traction and wet pavement traction. Also, they don't hydroplane for such wide tires.

    Had some BFG all terrains in same tire size on a 88 Full size bronco and they hydorplaned VERY bad. I think the tread has changed on them though, or mabye I saw the new line similar to them, but they looked worth trying. The old BFG's didn't have channels to let the water move sideways out from under the tread. These others I saw recently had the channels and looked more "water on pavement" friendly though the mud performance probably suffers.
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    Isn't the convention for you to never use a patched tire as the spare because you will never know if the patch failed or had a slow leak until it is too late (ie. when you go to use it because one of you non-patched tires just blew out). Get my drift.
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