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imageMonthly Update for June 2019 - 2017 Tesla Model 3 Long-Term Road Test

A few months ago, the range of our long-term 2017 Tesla Model 3 went up. This past June, it went down. Read about the change in this monthly update.

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    Looks like somebody is wasting money on a crappy private school.
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    Hey Dan - "Who else recommends that you set the battery to 90% full on a regular basis to save the battery?"
    Other EVs have an enforced buffer that makes up the top 5-15% of the battery's capacity. The Bolt, for example, only allows the driver to use 95% of the battery's total charge. This is necessary to preserve lithium ion batteries for long term use. Your smartphone doesn't have this buffer and that's one reason why you notice capacity degradation after a couple years.
    Tesla cars leave it up to the driver to decide whether to use the extra capacity, and warn that doing so with frequency will have a detrimental impact.
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