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Volvo S40 Audio/Entertainment Systems

ac30boyac30boy Posts: 5
I have a 2005 S40 with the optional factory 6-CD changer (12 spkrs, 325 watts total). The system sounds great, but there were intermittent times when the changer couldn't mechanically switch between cd's. You could hear it trying, then give up with an error code. Eventually, the unit would succeed - until now. My cd player now says "deck error" and it hasn't been able to mount a cd. I took it to the dealer and they're going to replace it (I'm 21.5 k into my warranty). Has anyone else had a similar issue? I'm hoping that maybe this was just an early generation problem and the replacement will have a longer life.




  • Interesting. I just had the same problem on my 05 S40. With 15K miles, I have always used a single CD except for a long road trip, where the first CD played fine, then the changer could not switch or eject any CD's, and a deck error occurred. Have an appt with dealer - will probably replace. BTW, 32 MPG!
  • Hi Divewreck,

    The replacement changer works better (apparently) than the original - quieter, smoother sounding mechanicals. I'm hopeful...

    Congrats on the MPGs! I have a 5-speed 2.4i and on the highway I've been getting 34 and my suburban commute's been averaging 26-27! Amazing and unexpected, but welcome! Guess I'll hold off on selling this for the Prius ;->.

    Except for the changer problem the car's been great. It's my first Volvo, but I've driven others and always felt comfortable in them.

    Your experience?
  • Got the replacement, haven't tried it yet but I'm sure it's just as good or better. Besides the ignition switch failing which was replaced, along with the battery), the car has been great. I have a 5 speed also, but find the mileage dropping to 22 in city driving. My last car was a Jetta, and am also thinking about a Prius as my next one. Have removed the rear head rests to improve rear vision, & added a $2 magnifier to side-view mirror because of blind spot.
  • Good luck wih the new unit. Mine still working fine - of course, it's only about a month old.
  • So i just got a 2005 s40 2.4i. i insert my favorite cd-r. lo and behold, disc is unreadable. is this characteristic of all s40s in an attempt to curb media piracy, or an isolated incident? is it the program (itunes) i used to burn the cd? my monster cable fm ipod transmitter does not work with either of the 12-volt power outlets. is this the fit? much obliged for any input.
  • I thought I had successfully used a cd-r in my S40. I'll try to remember to try again and let you know.
  • volvobuffvolvobuff Posts: 35
    My Volvo has the Premium sound system and the dealer-installed Hands Free Bluetooth car kit, which is an OEM version of the Motorola IHF1000. It worked fine for the first two weeks, then developed an odd little quirk: the car kit no longer mutes the paired cell phone handset ring on incoming calls, so both the cell phone and the car kit ring at the same time. It does this with three different Verizon network cell phones, so the problem is not with the phone. I have talked at length with both Motorola and Verizon tech support to no avail. Anyone out there have any thoughts on this problem? Apologies in advance for cross-posting this message to the C70 and V50 forums.
  • I have the bluetooth as well. I haven't notice it ringing, but I do recall when I had it on vibrate that the phone may vibrate at the same time as the car marks an incoming call. Let me say that I am very happy with the Bluetooth system!

    A solution: put the phone on silent.

    Another solution: accept that is the performance - they both ring. I think it's a phone issue - but you can probably argue it's the bluetooth unit. It's the old is the software or the os argument. Manage the phone and the issue resolves itself.
  • volvobuffvolvobuff Posts: 35
    Thanks for your reply. When my phone is in vibrate & ring mode, it vibrates as well as rings with an in-car incoming call. The phone rings are out of synch with the car kit rings, which is more than a bit disconcerting.

    Of course I have resorted to muting the phone manually, but I typically have to hop in and out of the car a half dozen times a day, and having to remember to mute and unmute the handset each time is a nuisance.

    Of course, Motorola says it is a carrier-related problem, and Verizon Wireless says it is a hardware problem. Both are at a loss to explain why it did work OK for several weeks. I guess my only option is to have the dealer replace the car kit, which should hopefully resolve the problem.
  • njsoonernjsooner Posts: 1
    Just leased a S40 on the dealer's word that Sirius would be available soon and a quick trip to service would have it up and running. I pinged Volvo customer care to check availability and they say it will NOT be available as a dealer install and is only available as a factory option! Anyone out there got Sirius and if so, did it come from the factory or dealer install? :confuse:
  • msaskismsaskis Posts: 2
    We recently bought a 2004 Volvo S40. Soon thereafter, we noticed the radio reception was dramatically worse (barely get stations that otherwise are fine) whenever we plugged something into the 12v outlet such as a cell phone charger (charging phone of course). Dealer was even able to reproduce but has no idea where to start looking. Anyone have any ideas what is causing this? Thank you.
  • jessreds40jessreds40 Posts: 21
    I believe it's factory. My 07 came with it. It's part of the Select Pkg. Getting it free for 6 months!
  • I have an "off" code showing on my radio. How do I resolve this problem?
  • I just took delivery of an 2008 S40 T5 FWD. It is a wonderful vehicle that has numerous incremental improvements over my 2007 V50, some of which were expected and others of which were pleasant surprises.

    The only disappointment thus far is the new Dynaudio digital sound system, which is simply not only not as good as the Dynaudio in the C70, but also not as good as the Premium analog system in my 2007 V50. The high end response may be marginally cleaner than the latter, thanks to the Class D digital amplification (Dynaudio licenses the ICE power technology from a division of Bang & Olufsen), but the low end response is very weak compared to the 2007 V50 Premium system, even with the latter's subwoofer disabled.

    I don't think that adding the dealer-installed subwoofer option to the 2008 S40 Dynaudio will help it appreciably, since it is largely ineffectual in the V50. The only upside to this problem is that the new Dynaudio system didn't cost any more than the old Premium system.

    My best guess is that the Dynaudio system was designed with the supplementary integrated subwoofers of the C70 in mind and doesn't work well without them without further design tweaking. Unfortunately, the dealer-installed trunk subwoofer simply doesn't deliver the same performance as the C70 integrated in-cabin ones. My V50's Premium system doesn't sound appreciably different with or without the subwoofer.

    In theory, it might be possible to improve the frequency response of the Dynaudio digital system with a firmware upgrade, but whether the unit is actually capable of accepting software upgrades is unknown to me. It is certainly something I will be looking into.

    I am currently experimenting with tweaking the frequency response through the equalizer settings, but as any experienced audiophile knows, this is not wholly effective if the low frequency drivers' response is not very good to begin with. In any event, it is a minor complaint with an otherwise superb vehicle.
  • I completly agree with you that the Dynaudio on the C70 is superb compared to on the S40. I currently have an 07 S40 T5 FWD with the Audio Package (premium sound system with Dolby) which is okay but the speakers are not able to hold up with my crazy blasting ( and I blast loud) However the Dynaudio in the 08's is better than what I have now. I agree with the sub in the trunk in the 40 would be pointless you still wont have that affect like on the C70 considering its right underneath you. But hands down I love my car to death and wouldnt trade it for anything.
  • mb5mb5 Posts: 7
    i just ran into the same deck error issue. it ejected a cd without command and then just tried to load and eject to the same location repeatedly. now when i turn the car on the cd tries to load, then eject, then load and then to deck error. 2005 s40i 46,000k. I'm trying to figure out if this is covered by the 4 year / 50k, knowing volvo probably not.
  • I have the Dynaudio premium audio system in my S40. I think it sounds great, with overall, great performance, BUT I have taken it back to the dealer twice to fix a problem that still persists. At least once every 50 miles of driving with a CD playing, the unit will switch to a radio station. At first I thought this was the user preset to receive weather and traffic updates, but I made sure its disabled. The unit always switches back to whatever the previously listened to radio station was, not a weather or traffic alert station.

    Being one of those intermittent things, the dealer couldn't duplicate it, but they did a software upgrade and said that should fix it. It didn't, and the next time I brought it in, they claimed to have changed the unit. That didn't fix it either. Has anyone experienced this, and have a solution for it?

    thanks for your time,
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    Can't say that I listen to the cd changer much at all in my '07 T5, as I have the Sirius option and frankly listen to that 99% of the time. No issues with that switching stations or back to AM/FM so far in the 5+ months I've had it.

    Same CD when it happens? Burned CD-R or store bought? Perhaps something is overheating and it just turns off, which defaults it to AM/FM? Maybe it's one of the slots in the cd-changer?

  • The CD player will switch back to radio with any kind of CD (computer made or commercial). Its really annoying, and the dealer can't seem to fix it.

    Another odd thing with the stereo is that whenever I select any radio preset, the sound level drops down slightly and the console display asks if I want to "exit". If I select exit, the message clears and the volume goes back to normal.
    If I do nothing the console message eventually goes away and volume returns to normal. I have read the manual a few times, and can't find any info on this, or the point to this. I've never seen it on another car stereo.

    FWIW, most CD players will occasionally have trouble with computer CDs, as they are slightly thinner without graphics printed on them. Avoid using press on labels, as they can jam inside the CD changer, and repair work is not covered under warranty.

    Off topic: Is there a way to get an email notification that alert when there are new posts to this thread?

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Is there a way to get an email notification that alert when there are new posts to this thread?

    Yes. Under the messages just above the post box are several links - one says either Watch This Discussion or, if you are already "watching" it, Change Watching. Click on that link (whichever it says) and you will see a check box to request email notifications of new posts. :)
  • My radio just won't play and when I try a CD it reads pause. All were working fine in the morning, when I went out later, nothing! Has anyone else experienced this problem or know what it might be?
  • davidp158davidp158 Posts: 16
    I have the premium stereo system in my S40. With that system, when you turn down the volume to "zero" (off) while the CD player is playing, it pauses the CD. When you turn the volume back up, the CD resumes playing. You may not be haring the radio because the system is probably in CD mode. Try turning the volume knob up a bit and see if that does anything. I hope this helps.
  • gjestelagjestela Posts: 1
    The exact same thing happened to my 2005 s40 stereo this morning. The volume controls are "disabled" - both the one on the console and the ones on the wheel. I read a post on another forum that the system might be stucked in mute, but how do I get it back to normal?
  • Hoping you could tell me what happened in your case. I just had the same thing happen to my 2005 S40 T5 AWD, but my warranty is over since I have 57,000. I am hoping that it was a quick fix...not a full replacement of the cd player
  • So did you ever get it fixed. Or find out what the problem was. I have the same prob. The disc unreadable crap.
  • Mine was fixed by replacement in 2006 - the new unit has worked flawlessly - must have been new model bugs still being worked out.
  • rmuralirmurali Posts: 10
    Are there any issues with using iphone / ipod interface in s40 or other Volvo models?
  • snowy01snowy01 Posts: 1
    hi all i need help as ive just got a volo s40 on a P reg and all the intruments are not working the guy i got it from had the stereo change for a after market one and now unthing on the dashboard is working and it not a fuse as ive check all them. i pulled the stereo out and their are 3 red wire not connecting to anything and one brown aswell. anyone got any ideas?
  • cyberellacyberella Posts: 4
    So my car manual says my single disc CD player will play MP3s as long as they are not copy protected. I have made MP3 CDs for my previous Ford pickup trucks that worked just fine, even with folders separating the music. I tried them in the Volvo and the discs are unreadable.

    I have some copied *.CDA songs which the car likes just fine so apparently the player prefers Sony computer CDs over anything esle. I read somewhere in this site that the thickness of the CDs play a part.

    Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Please let me know!

  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    I know my '07 T5 plays wma/mp3 discs CD-R's just fine. I usually just make the disc w/o folders, but have a couple that have 2 or 3 levels of folders that work too. I made the discs in Windows Media Player as well as Nero.

    Verbatim CD-R media, if that matters.

  • cyberellacyberella Posts: 4
    Thank you very much. I have that brand discs 2 feet from me right now and both of those programmes. I used Windows Media Player on a Vista laptop for MP3s that was 'unreadable'. But I have an older version on an XP machine. Sounds goofy that if one doesn't work the other might but that's computers for ya. Also, I will try Nero.

    Thanks for raising my hopes!
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    Might also try burning at a slower speed (default is max of your burner). My discs were made on an XP laptop. If you have a DVD player at home, you might want to try the mp3 disc there too, many of them are able to play these as well. You can use it as another confirmation that the disc is not a coaster.

    I also found that CD text works when you make a regular audio (non-mp3/wma) CD in Nero. (I still need a few of those for DW's van.) The track name shows up on the S40's display, just like when you play an mp3/wma disc.

  • cyberellacyberella Posts: 4
    Okay, I tried all that. Nothin'. 'Disc Unreadable'. My CD burner runs at 48x speed.. my CDs say 52x. They work everywhere else. I guess this means a call to Volvo.

    I'm computer savvy, but apparently not Volvo savvy.
  • cyberellacyberella Posts: 4
    I just tried a disc burned at 24x. Still unreadable. I am now officially confused and wishing I had my old F150 back.

    What speed should I try? 8x?

    I know it will play copied CDs but I'm wondering if the manuals are stock and the player the car has is damaged. The other weird thing is that it doesn't update the FM song titles... at all.. If I unselect the text option, then the info in the big letters on top are current.

    I prefer CD over FM any given day... provided I can make them work. =)
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    Sure, it is possible there is an issue with the CD player. Make sure you are closing the session on the disc as well in your burning software.

    Not all FM stations do song titles. At least in my area.

    My T5 also has the Sirius option, which I listen to 95% of the time.

  • i'm getting a 2010 T5 Rdesgn S40 next month with premium sound.
    wonder if its improved in the past few years. also, historical brake issues with S40, i know- i had two in the last decade. any better on yours or later years?
  • I had some problems with CD-Rs and did some experimenting. I use an older version of Nero to burn my CDs and found that plain Sony 80 min CD-Rs seem to work best. Also, don't over burn them. Keeping the songs under 70 minutes and using plain Sony discs has worked ever time in my 2006 S40 player. I found that using any kind of Lightscribe disc seems to always give intermittent disc errors. Not sure why.
  • Hitting eject causes the player to try to eject and fail. Had to push CD in with another CD several times to get it out. Next time, that didn't work and had to use needle nose players (ouch!) to pull CD out.
    Acting as if something isn't aligned.

    Car is 2007 S40. Is it worth getting repaired? Something I could easily fix myself? Or getting a new audio system? If the latter, are there decent 3rd party systems that won't break the bank?

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