Mazda CX-7 Fuel Gauge questions

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    With 50 miles trip after top-off the gas tank and fuel gauge still indicated almost full, it suddenly dropped to less half tank after another 10-15 miles drive. Even though stopped and restarted car several times, the gauge still shows less half tank gas while the trip mile just reached 65 miles. Is it malfuction for the gas tank sensor or too much air in the gas tank. Should I go to deal for the check as I just got the car 4 weeks ago.

    Some comment?
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    I do not have a mazda but My ford truck did that to me once and i just disconnected the neg cable from the battery for a bit and connected it back and it worked so maybe it will be that simple for you.
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    The "low fuel" light seems to come on pretty early, but I'm not eager to find out the hard way how much gas is actually left in the tank....what are your experiences?
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    The capacity of the CX-7 is 18.2 gallons.

    I can't find the spec in any literature, but you can get a rough idea on how much is left in the tank when the light comes on, by filling up at the gas station and then note how much fuel you just put in, then subtract that number from 18.2...that'll give you an idea how much fuel is left in the tank when the "low fuel" light comes on.

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    If memory serves, and at my age it often doesn't, when the low fuel light went on, we filled up and found that there was about 2 U.S. Gals. plus a bit left. Of course we were not at the station where we usually fill up so there will be some small variance.

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    Last night I filled up the tank after driving with the light on for about 30 miles.

    I only managed to put 14.50 galleons. This meant that there was 3.7 gallons in the tank when the light came on.

    HOWEVER, the gas icon remained on and when I re started the car this morning, the icon was still lit!!! :confuse:

    Darth Vader Grey, etc, etc.
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    You're having some strange symptoms lately...are you sure the Force is with you?
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    Well, it might be that it is a slow starter. After all, it had a hiatus for three months when I was overseas and perhaps it is now only catching up with the rest of you. :blush:

    Truth to tell, I really have little to complain about, save for the two main items. Poor shifting pattern and gas mileage. I hope that both will be addressed when I have my 5k checkup.

    However, as you claim to be a "Technical Expert", (see your remark in an earlier posting), If I drive in auto and use cruise control more often than not, how does "Fuzzy Logic" enter into this? :confuse:

    Darth Vader Grey etc. etc.
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    Which posting did you read, that said I was a technical expert? :blush: :confuse:
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    It might be interesting to take your Darth Vader into Mazda service and have them check that "doo dad" that keeps track of all of your CELs. They be able to figure out why it comes and goes.

    You can tell I'm very technically oriented


    Sorry if I have changed Technical expert from Technical oriented. Didn't mean to give you a swelled head. ;)
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    Me? I've already got a swelled head. Comes with being a leader of the pack! LOL :P

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    Our fuel gauge would suddenly drop from around 3/4 full to below 1/2 and it clearly was an incorrect reading. We are now experiencing big problems with the two fuel pumps on the CX7 (it has a regular fuel pump and a high pressure one). Apparently the sender unit on the regular fuel pump was the source of the inaccurate fuel gauge reading. I think this is a potentially big problem with the CX7.
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    Yes, only one you and a few others are experiencing.
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