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Pontiac Vibe Test Drive - What Did You Think?

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
edited March 2014 in Pontiac
This is the place to post your test drive review of the Vibe


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    msuphilmsuphil Member Posts: 8
    I test drove both GT and base models today.
    The GT seemed a little peppier probably because of the gearing. Of course you can really can tell 6K RPM and above.

    The reverse beeping noise the GT had is kind of interesting too.

    Both cars made an odd tick at idle. Looking under the hood it sounded like it was coming from the air filter area.
    Its going to be hard to make my mind up. IS the extra $1500 worth a little extra fun.

    Also are GT models way scarcer than base. It seems like around Detroit area most dealers only have a couple GT models if any.
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    mcspoomcspoo Member Posts: 3
    So this questions goes out to those of you lucky enough to live in one of the wonderful winter climates, like, say, Michigan and own a FWD Vibe or Matrix... How do they handle the winter weather?

    Also, I test drove an 2003 Vibe AWD with auto. Probably the weakest feeling vehicle I could imagine. I've never driven a 4-cyl before, but I didn't expect anemia and an amazing buzzy/loud engine (yes... LOUD... if the deaf guy says the engine is loud... IT'S LOUD!). Before I bother looking at a test drive a Vibe GT or Matrix XR, I'm wondering if the performance (auto, not Manual) is better than the buzzy/anemic AWD I tested...

    Any comments greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    focuserrorfocuserror Member Posts: 34
    I took a test drive in a Vibe last week and paint was coming off in stamp-size pieces. The vehicle had a rotten egg odor after driving a couple of blocks. This is a shame. The paint issue could be very costly down the road.
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    iconcilioiconcilio Member Posts: 1
    I'm on a 24 hour GM "test" of a 2004 Vibe GT - which has the perfect options for me. My only incentive to get this now versus later versus a Matrix is the GM $3000 back. My current 2001 Altima SE's back seat is to small for my older son which is why I'm looking.

    My first impression is I generally like the car -
    It's roomy and comfortable for my wife and two kids, sporty, in between a car and truck as far as the ride. Although 20 more HP and 700 lbs less than my 2001 Altima, there is much less torque, and I have to rev to 5K to get the acceleration. Kinda noisy around that neighborhood (luckily the "...&Tunes" package hides this very well when I'm alone).

    My other complaints are the hard plastic, typical of Pontiacs, and the cheesy veil for the cargo area. I looked at a Matrix XR, which to me appeared identical inside, although I didn't have tome to look in detail.

    What are your feelings about the noise and interior quality? Do they stand up to time?

    Also, are other people having paint problems?
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    thelthel Member Posts: 767
    I have a Matrix XRS...similar to your Vibe GT. Yes the engine is noisy, so if you are leery of "flogging" your engine, don't go with the GT. The 2zz engine really comes alive above 6kRPM and is quite a hoot. Personally, I wish that the gearing were shorter so I could rev up to 6kRPM+ more often.

    The interior of mine has held up well over the last 8 months/13000 miles or so. It trendy, but not too upscale with lots of hard plastic in the wrong places (arm rests, etc.).
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    bporter1bporter1 Member Posts: 229
    I finally test frove a 2006 Vibe, and I must say I was duly impressed. I thought the car accelerated well, handled pretty good, braked well, and was not that noisy. I mean it is a four cylinder. Very impressed, and will probably purchase a 2007 model.
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    zoobaruzoobaru Member Posts: 2
    I am seriously contemplating purchasing a Vibe. I would like the improved HP and fuel economy of a 2WD; however, I drive over a mountain pass to work and it at times ice and snow can be a factor.
    I would really like feedback on how the Vibe performs in winter weather.
    Thank You
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    mikey00mikey00 Member Posts: 462
    I was faced with the same dilemma. The Vibe is underpowered to begin with so I didn't want the reduced HP of AWD engine. Also adding to that would be a little more weight, reduced mpg, higher initial cost, and a smaller gas tank. What I finally decided on is a FWD with StabilTrac which traction control is part of. Every winter I mount my 4 Michelin X-Ice tires, any good dedicated winter tires will work here. I think this combo provides a better winter solution than AWD. Check out StabilTrac, it's awesome.
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    zoobaruzoobaru Member Posts: 2
    Thank You Mickey00. Looking in the used market I haven't run across any with StabilTrac listed as an option. What year did StabilTrac become an option?
    Good info though. My only other option is to opt for the Subaru again.
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    mikey00mikey00 Member Posts: 462
    I am not sure what year Stabiltrac became an option. Mine is an 05. A FWD without StabilTrac will still be a pretty good snow car as long as you put a good set of dedicated winter tires on it. You can find some more info on snow cababilities over at genvibe.
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    krazyfrogladykrazyfroglady Member Posts: 1
    I just found out that GM dropped the AWD model of the Vibe. I can not believe it. I know it's old news but it's new to me. I planned on buying AWD Vibes for the rest of my life, and had recommended this vehicle to many others, 2 others in my family bought one and love theirs, 2 of my friends loved mine so much that they went to buy one each and couldn't get the AWD , they bought the FWD and don't love it as much as they do mine. My AWD Vibe goes through any Michigan back road in winter, and handles like a the solid little bear it is. I WANT GM TO make AWD Vibes again. Come on, they finally had a real winner and then dropped it!!! That is insane. At least offer that as a special order!!Bring back the AWD Vibe. My brother went to replace is AWD Vibe last month and found out it was no longer made, so he bought a Dodge Caliber!! GM, wake up and give us back our AWD Vibes!
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    birddog09birddog09 Member Posts: 2
    It's back ....2009 AWD !!!!!!!!
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