2010 Freightliner Sprinter 2500 won't crank

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I have a 2010 Freightliner Sprinter that won't crank. (diesel 3.0) When I turn the key I get full dash lights but no response from the starter. Trying to jump start the vehicle has no effect.

This same problem happened once before, I had it towed to the Mercedes Dealership where they charged me $5000 for new intake manifolds - which I'm certain had nothing to do with the problem and could have been cleaned with a can of carb cleaner.

Any assistance for troubleshooting the problem would be appreciated.


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    Well, since jumping doesn't get the starter to turn, that eliminates the weak/dead battery angle. So you're down to either no power getting to the starter (broken wire, short to ground?) or perhaps a bad starter.. Have to start with the obvious possibilities
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    It was a blown fuse. #9 on the main fuse block - labeled in fuse block diagram as "Terminal 87".

    Odd though, the diagram calls for a 25A fuse if diesel engine, which it is, 20A fuse if Gasoline, which I don't think is available. The slot was populated with a 20A fuse and replacing with a 20A fuse blew the fuse immediately on attempting to start the van. Replaced with a 25A fuse, seems to be doing fine now. I just want to know... why was the 20A fuse sufficient for the past two years and now suddenly not.
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