M35x Cabin filter/ Early gas pump shut off

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Two questions for you M35 experts:

1) Can anyone tell me where to find instructions to replace the in cabin filter. Dealer wants $90. Are the savings worth the trouble?

2) I have trouble filling up, at multiple stations, as the pump shuts off prematurely and will not let me fill up. To the dealer next week. Thoughts?



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    The filter can make a big difference to some people and it helps keep crud out of the heater and evaporator coil, which can keep things from smelling. Organic stuff (like pollen), wet on the evaporator coil can get rank. Depending on where you live, it could last much longer than the nominal miles, or it could get clogged quickly if you drive in dusty areas.

    I have no idea where it is in this car...if you find out, I'd be interested in knowing, since I don't mind minor stuff like that to save a few bucks...it helps me relax, too. Some are a big pain, though. Was the $90 parts and labor? If labor only, then it might be fairly involved...that's about an hour most places.

    I haven't noticed a particular problem with filling up on my M35x.
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    Hello, if it's like the G35 it's under the Glove Box. It took me a about 10 minutes to change with just a screwdriver. The dealerships way overcharge for this service
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    I have had the same problem with early shut off of the pump. What did the dealer have to say?
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    They "evaluated" it once, filled it up, and pronounced there was no problem. I spoke to the service manager, who told me it has been reported on G's, but not M's. There is a valve at the bottom of the fill pipe, and they asked me to bring it in almost empty, and they would try to figure it out.

    If they do, let me know, and I will post if I get it fixed. Annoying!
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    Can this filter be replaced by the owner? If, so, how do you get access to the filter?
    Thanks for any comments.
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    It's actually pretty easy....the filter is behind the glove box. Depending on the year, the box assembly comes off a little differently, but I did it without any instructions...it's pretty obvious. Once the box is off, you'll see where the filter goes.
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