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Chevy Venture Starting/Stalling/Idle Issues

busdriverjkbusdriverjk Member Posts: 3
Our 2000 Venture died yesterday. I tried to start it, it clicked and made a funny noise in the dash area. So, we replaced the battery and it started right up. Left it sit in garage overnight. Started it this morning. Left it sit about 10 minutes and tried to start it again and nothing started! Only that funny noise up in the dash area. Not a clicking. Something sounding like it was running...can't explain noise. Any ideas where to go from here?? Thanks so much.
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  • busdriverjkbusdriverjk Member Posts: 3
    Our 2000 Venture died yesterday. I tried to start it, it clicked and made a funny noise in the dash area. So, we replaced the battery and it started right up. Left it sit in garage overnight. Started it this morning. Left it sit about 10 minutes and tried to start it again and nothing started! Only that funny noise up in the dash area. Not a clicking. Something sounding like it was running...can't explain noise. Any ideas where to go from here?? Thanks so much.
  • busdriverjkbusdriverjk Member Posts: 3
    battery in it. It started this am after sitting overnight...but, then it wouldn't start up again about 10 minutes later. We jumped it and it started and ran it out on the hiway...then came home and it died. Now it won't start again. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • alphaonealphaone Member Posts: 5
    Hi all

    2000 Venture V/6 120,000 miles , bought used, ran great for year , now suddenly won't turn over . New battery, ignition checks out , daytime running lights even go off when key turned to start like they're supposed to Red light is on the radio which hints of security issues
    Engine starts immediately when relay "jumped" ,runs for two seconds and dies.All dash lights gages and power accessaries working. Replaced starter and fuel pump relays just in case . Have normal wiring diagrams but dealer won't
    release any info to bypass the security curcuits.
    (can't really blame them)
    Don't really want to tow van to the dealer, when I have my
    own shop and tools to do the work, I'm a marine mechanic.

    Hoping someone out there has had similar problem and has some info to get this van back on the road.

    Thanks Rod [email protected]
  • ginamarie34197ginamarie34197 Member Posts: 1
    :confuse: I have a 1999 Venture. I just got back from a 600mile trip. It ran fine. Now within a week of being back it was bucking at first. We started it up and it made it about 200ft then died again. We thought maybe it was empty since the fuel guage doesnt work so we added about 10 gallons to it and it still wont turn over. Trying to start it but it wont turn over any suggestions would be great.
  • kpoutin29kpoutin29 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Chevy Venture with 155,000 miles. Within the past two weeks, when I come to a stop, the van will die. I usually can restart it. Last week, it started making a loud noise every time I put on the gas, and it would die when I would come to a stop. It died on me about 5 times a few days ago, and the noise is getting louder. It also looks like the one fan in the front is not working. It you have any advice, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.
  • tiredoproblemstiredoproblems Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem... did You ever get this figured out? I would greatly appreciate any help you could give.
    -Adam from Indiana
  • gregearngregearn Member Posts: 4
    When i turn my HVAC fan switch on I hear a loud ticking coming from the engine and it starts to run rough. When I turn the fan off the rough idle disappears. Also the #5 setting on my fan switch only works sometimes and the backlighting flickers. Any solutions?
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Are you running your AC when you hear the ticking? Could the loud ticking be your compressor going bad? You could check by putting your hand on it and seeing if you feel vibrations at the same rate as the click... I've also heard a similar sound when the belt tensioner goes bad and doesn't keep enough tension on the belt so when you put additional load on it by turning on the AC, it flops around and makes a clicking or thumping sound. Look at it while its running and see if its slapping around. Rough idle could also be Idle Air control valve (IAC) going bad (it controls your idle speed) or a host of other things...hard to diagnose without some more info

    As for the #5 fan setting - I think its a separate issue - blower resistor going bad perhaps - cheap part about $ 20, its located behind the blower on the passenger side front. Easy repair, very common failure on the Venture. The flickering seems to be common on the Venture and usually is cured by a new alternator - it probably flickers more because the fan running on high speed is a pretty big electrical draw.

    Just some things to check right off the bat - post more details and hopefully I can help you further.

  • gregearngregearn Member Posts: 4
    Thanks John
    Actually my AC is already shot. We just don't turn it on.Compressor clicking when we turn the ac button on. I have not decided if I want to spend that much money yet. The sound I am hearing when I turn the fan on is coming from the engine itself. Is there a vacuum line connected to the HVAC that could be causing this?
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Only vacuum line that I know of is the one that moves the vents when you change the selector, not the fan speed switch. It goes through the firewall by the passenger foot well in the front and IIRC swings around by the windshield washer reservoir, goes over the belts and plugs into a port on the top left side of the motor. Do your vents change position with the selector?

    Are you sure the click isn't coming from the compressor? On some cars, the compressor kicks on when the selector is in the defrost setting, not sure if this is the case in the Venture, if so, then there's an electrical connector on the compressor that you could unplug...will have to check on the wife's (2000 as well) when I get home, maybe that's the click or does it not matter which position the vents are in? Is it the same click? Let me know...I'll have to admit that you may have me stumped....I've never known an alternator to make a click...usually a grinding or metal on metal scraping sound...I just can't think of anything that would click in an engine when you turn on the fan. With the hood up can you get a general idea of the direction of the click?
  • gregearngregearn Member Posts: 4
    Its my wifes van and she isn't home yet. I'll check when she gets home. I have a stethoscope. I'll try that and see if I can narrow down where it comes from.
  • cujo57cujo57 Member Posts: 2
    2003 Chevy Venture 3.4 liter
    There is a loud knocking when first started that lightens after running for awhile but is still there. The oil is fine, no lights come on, seems to run fine. Any ideas anyone? Never had a moments problem with this van in the four years we've had it. Only has 97xxx miles and has had the oil changed religously.
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Tapping & knocking are typically 2 different things - tapping from the top of the motor, knocking from the bottom, but I think I know what you're talking about.

    Does it eventually go away?? All of the 3.4 V6 in the Ventures make a metallic tapping sound when they first start which goes away in a few minutes. Its nothing to worry about, the lifters in these motors are pretty noisy at startup. I think if you keep up the maintenance the way you've been doing you should have no problems.
  • chewsonchewson Member Posts: 11
    I recently started having problems with my van stalling and also running rough..chugging..usually between 60-80kph.The problem only happens when the van is warmed up.I had it to my mechanic who checked the fuel pump..which was fine..changed the fuel filter and also put the van on a diagnostic tester.Even when the van was chugging and stalling no codes came up on the tester.Both him and I are at a loss.I thought firts maybe bad gas..water in the gas..but i put in methyl hydrtae and hi-test gas and the problem coninues...any idea?
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    sounds like a fuel or ignition problem to me -

    get a digital multimeter, check the resistance on the ignition modules (located in back on top) between the two towers on each (towers meaning where the spark plug wires connect to) the resistance should be 5000-7000 ohms - if its above or below, you've got a bad ignition coil...and make sure the posts are clean

    Run a bottle of fuel injector cleaner through it (Techron recommended)

    Get a can of MAF sensor cleaner and follow the instructions.

    Just a couple of things I would try right off the bat...

    No codes at all? No check engine light? Interesting...
  • chewsonchewson Member Posts: 11
    I did put some fuel injector cleaner in..but still no luck.I actually thought today the problem was going away..but that was only because it is freezing out because as soon as the van warmed up..same problems.I read somewhere else about a possible bad ground or short from the gas tank...i did just put a new muffler on the van 2 weeks ago..and it was running great before that.
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Try the MAF cleaner and check the ignition coils. I'm not sure if a bad ground or short by the fuel tank would affect it solely based upon engine temperature but it might be worth a look. Maybe the guy who installed the muffler disturbed something while he was back there??

    You may also want to check the connection on your oxygen sensor (the one up by the motor) maybe something disturbed there. Only problem is, if the O2 sensor was disturbed, it should give you a check engine light. Check anyway...
  • chewsonchewson Member Posts: 11
    thanks..i am taking it back to my mechanic monday with this info..hopefully something works
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Best of luck - hope I helped...
  • chewsonchewson Member Posts: 11
    i appreciate the help..if i didn't have so much money invested in this van i would drive it off a cliff..hahah
  • chewsonchewson Member Posts: 11
    i also own a 97 intrepid..i had a clicking noise when i went to start it so i checked the battery terminals.the positve was pretty caked so i took it off and cleaned it all the check engine light comes on even though the car runs you think it has stored a code and that is why the check engine light is on?
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373

    Possible, but not necessarily probable. I'm not really experienced with the Intrepid but try this: Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery for 30 minutes and then hook it back up. That should be enough to clear the code if there is one. With the OBD2 the computer checks a bunch of stuff at different intervals and under different driving conditions. It may have set the code just to say that it performed a test and the vehicle didn't pass this time so it lit the light and is waiting for the proper conditions to try it again. If it passes, the light will go out and it will store a code that will say what the problem was but will not make the light illuminate.

    If it still doesn't clear - Autozone & many other parts stores will check the codes for free. Get the codes read and post them here, maybe we can figure it out.
  • chewsonchewson Member Posts: 11
    I'll go do that right now and get back to you as soon as i hook back the negative..hopefully that wroks..thanks again for all your help.
  • chewsonchewson Member Posts: 11
    hey 442dude..funny thing with the venture..i changed the pcv valve 2 years ago and the check engine light came on..stayed on ever since..that is until all these problems started up with the van and now the light is out and the van runs like crap..go figure huh
  • chewsonchewson Member Posts: 11
    well that didn't work..guess i'll take that car in too to get checked...i better be looking for some overtime..haha
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Well at least you tried - On some cars you have to use a scanner to clear the check engine light, maybe the Intrepid is one of them - sorry, I don't have any experience with them - I'm only a mechanic when there's a shade tree and some beer around :)

    See if you can get the codes and repost....
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    That is funny...I let the quickie oil change place put a new one in ours in a moment of weakness during an oil change and the check engine light came on shortly after - chased it around for about 1 month before I said "what if they used the wrong PCV valve???" Replaced it and light went out immediately - not a problem with it since...apparently different ones fit but not all are right...

    The 3.4 V6 is a quirky engine no matter what vehicle its installed in, not just the Venture. I really think a lot of mechanics don't even know what to do when the check engine light comes on other than read the codes and start replacing parts. Its an interesting marriage of an engine originally designed in the late 70s and modern day electronics. Cool thing about them though - the same things go wrong with all of them so chances are you're not the 1st to have any particular problem and the fixes are usually not too difficult (at least most of them anyway)
    Boy do I miss the days when you could read the check engine light with a paperclip.
  • chewsonchewson Member Posts: 11
    i am the one that wrote about the 97 venture van stalling and chugging..well looks like they found the problem..they changed the egr valve..which was all carboned up..and that seems to have fixed idea why the check engine light never came on but for now it is running like a champ..thanks again for all your help.
  • chewsonchewson Member Posts: 11
    hahah..and that is what originally happened with my check engine light,,i went to change mine myself..did it in the parking lot..there were 2 they said would work..i bought one and put it on and it began sucking air like you wouldn't believe..went inside and bought the other one and it was fine..but the check engine light came on..been on ever since.
    not sure how they figured out the egr valve but it worked..i have gone through so much sh*t with that van..2 intake manifold costing me an engine...and the list goes on
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Usually when the EGR valve goes bad you'll stall when you lift the throttle, thats why it wasn't on my list of things to check, I'll have to make sure I remember that for when mine goes bad since all of these seem to break the same way - glad you're running good again. Thanks for the info!
  • chewsonchewson Member Posts: 11
    i should be the one thanking you...helps when someone gives information when you get desperate. you are right about the egr valve which is probably why they never checked that first..that and what is wrong with the computer in the van that showed no code..even when the egr was disconnected...not much chance i'm ever buying another none of these
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    No problem - post anytime & I'll try to help. When problems get posted and then the suggestions & resolutions go in it builds a great database of knowledge for all of us to use.

    All the best,
  • fughunterfughunter Member Posts: 5
    I have had a problem with this van ever since it turned 180,000 miles no that i have all the bugs worked out of it It throws something else at me now i have a obd2 code reader and it says (random cylinder misfier ) I changed the wires plugs still runs like poop . need a little help . i know alot about cars trucks and now this van but ths time i am wondering if it is timing chain or coils
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Couple of suggestions -

    I had the misfire code as well - got rid of it by:

    1. Cleaning the MAF sensor - use cleaner designed specifically for the MAF and follow the directions on the can

    2. Replace the PCV valve

    Also, try this - get a digital multimeter, check the resistance on the ignition modules (located in back on top) between the two towers on each (towers meaning where the spark plug wires connect to) the resistance should be 5000-7000 ohms - if its above or below, you've got a bad ignition coil...and make sure the posts are clean.

    Someone else here also had an issue with the EGR valve being plugged up with carbon - you might want to pop it off and take a look...the pintle in the middle should move freely up and down (its spring loaded IIRC) - if not, try cleaning it and reinstalling, carb cleaner works pretty good, also know people who use Marvel Mystery oil to break up the carbon to make it easier to clean.

    You've already done the other stuff I would suggest. Good luck
  • fughunterfughunter Member Posts: 5
    thank you i will try that maf sensor and the coils thanks again
  • fughunterfughunter Member Posts: 5
    you know after the other day i had a misfire i think i know what it really is now somehow my girlfriend didnt tell me the oil light came on now i have it figured out i do beleve the oil pump is gone out because it has oil and the lifters rattel have not run it to long you think it is hurt ? having a good time with this (CHEVY) i am a sole chevy man but man this van is driving me crazy. P.S do you think that it would sound also like it is missing if the oil pump is bad i know the answer is yes but i just wanted someone else to say so
  • gapcargapcar Member Posts: 2
    My 2000 Venture with about 111,000 miles has an intermitent starting problem.. It always starts fine when cold, but 3 times in the last 6 weeks it has failed to start when hot. So far the Firestone store said they "thought it might be" the crank position sensor. The water pump had leaked coolant on it so they figured that was the problem. I had them replace the water pump but not the sensor since neither the engine codes nor any other hard data supported the $250 cost. The second time it was towed to a Chev dealer who said the fuel pump was bad. They replaced the pump and fuel filter. I paid $1100 bucks that time and had 3 weeks trouble free driving before it died again. It has been towed to a local Chev dealer (different one than last time) and I am awaiting their diagnosis. This car has cost me over $4000 in the last 12 months! To make matters worse I have been reading about engine bearing problems! Any suggestions?
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Sounds like a crank position sensor failure - when they're on the way out they like to not work when they're hot - remember that they tell the injectors when to fire so if they aren't working the injectors don't fire..IIRC there are 2 of them on the Venture...once installed they have a learning procedure so you can't just swap & go...also, they don't always throw codes when they go bad so Firestone might just be right...good luck
  • fughunterfughunter Member Posts: 5
    there is a way to test the sensor but how ever there are two sensors first look at the motor and where the coils are on the back on the right side of the coils there should be two plugs you need the one on the backside color should be yellow and purple you test them with a ohm meter should be 14 to 15 ohms if not shure on color you might want to consider buying a haynes book on that model and it shows how to do it it is a good idea to have one of these manuals it helps alot they are only 14.00 at autozone i had one but i loaned it out .P.S my venture is awaighting a camshaft replacement it broke and now i have to take the motor out to replace that i am very upset with this modal of chevy van had chevys all my life i would never buy another venture, montana ,siloette i don't recomend anyone buying any i have one my buddy he had one and family has one we have all spent alot of money repairing them all the time i always did all the work on them all man you talk about a nightmare but however i will answer any repair questoins you have to throw at me i would check the ohms before having that repaired remember you have to have the van in the on position when checking the ohms not running though good luck anything else please ask signed fughunter
  • daculdacul Member Posts: 4
    Hi, I have a Chevrolet Venture 2002 and I have a strange problem.

    When I start up it works great but if the engine become hot if I shot off the engine and I try tot start again it didn't start at all. I have to wait to cool down the engine almost one hour and after that to try again. Everything works.
    I was to the mechanic I change the starter and the ignition relay but the problem is still come.

    Do you have any idea? Any help will be great appreciated.
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Sounds like the crankshaft position sensor is failing...lots of them have failed, you wouldn't be the 1st or last....
  • daculdacul Member Posts: 4
    Thanks I read on Internet about crank senzor. It seem this is the problem. All the symptoms are presents.

    Thanks a lot.
  • daculdacul Member Posts: 4
    Ok, after I checked the CPS it seem it is not the problem. So....
    My Chevy starts very well when is cold but it did not start when is hot. I mean I have no power for the starter so the engine did not turn so it is not the CPS the problem. I change the starter and ignition relay and I have no idea what could be the problem. All the display indicators seem to be O.K. No alarm.

    Why I don't have power to the starter when the engine is hot? Its start right away when the engine is cold.

    Thank you for yours answers.
  • chaseschases Member Posts: 41
    Just a thought. Check the under hood fuse box. There should be a relay for the ING or starter. These, I think, are the smaller relays and they go bad or weak. They are fairly cheep and just replace it anyway.

    My fuel relay was this way. Hopefully this is it.
  • daculdacul Member Posts: 4
    There are 3 reley, the same type, one for starter. I allready did this.

    It could be just a wire but onestly I don't thing its a wire problem.
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Did you check BOTH of them (CPS)????...there are 2 on the Venture...7X and 24X.
  • huntrhuntr Member Posts: 2
    '01 Venture LWB
    2 year old battery
    Sometimes when we try to start it, dash goes crazy, nothing happens under the hood. Return key to "off" position and try again and it starts just fine.
    Any ideas why?
  • kerrick1kerrick1 Member Posts: 4
    I am having the same problem with our 2003 chevy venture. Garage has had it for 1 week with no answers. Did you ever figure yours out? Any help would be great
  • gapcargapcar Member Posts: 2
    Hi: I took the van to our local Chevy dealer who said the problem was caused by a corroded electrical connection for the fuel pump motor. The dealer replaced the corroded connection and we haven't had any problems in the two or three months since. I won't feel better until next winter when the cold weather returns and the problem doesn't! Hope this helps, good luck.
  • 442dude442dude Member Posts: 373
    Here's what the problem was in one case:

    Loose wire to starter connection as well as corrosion in between the battery cable bolts and the connection cover over the bolts. Even though I had cleaned the wall of the battery and the bolt threads, there was poor continuity from bolt to cable...

    Good Luck :shades:
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