2008 Saturn Aura intermittent electrical issues....

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I am having an assortment of electrical issues. I've had the service traction light issue for a while... but the worst one is, I'll be driving along, and the battery light comes on. If I stop or slow down to 35 mph immedietly it clicks off and I'm good. If I drive too far the battery light wont go off, and pretty soon every light on the dash comes on....if I stop and turn the engine off, I have to get a jump to restart it... the battery acts like it's almost dead. After the jump, I'm usually good for that trip, but some times the whole process starts over.
I've taken it to the shop 6 times... they cant find a thing wrong, the computer says there have been no problems. They have checked battery, alternator, and the wiring harness and find nothing wrong. I know it's over 10 years old, but it's a great car. I just cant trust it on any trips over 10 miles. The last time it stalled it was a $305 towing bill. Im hoping there was an eventual resolution to this problem. Please tell me there is a fix!!!!


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    First of all, I'd have had that 10-year old battery out of there and replaced with a fresh one. Odd battery behaviors might check okay with the cursory static battery tests, but behave badly. A drop in voltage such as a cell shorting will cause all kinds of computers in the car to give signals.

    The service traction light may be different partly by what you say as you describe its behavior, but anything from a bad wheel bearing to poor contacts or an almost broken wire can cause the ABS system to misbehave.

    I'd also check both ends of all cables related to the battery power cables and ground cables.

    Another thought is that the ignition switch (not the lock cylinder) may have enough wear on some of the contacts that with the heating as they carry current due to their being corroded or pitted or simple poor contact that separates as the plastic body and parts heat up, the ignition switch is causing your problem(s).

    Good luck.

    The battery light behavior, related to the longer time the battery is being charged and heated up, I think is the prime lead.

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