AEB issues

Jrnygirl67Jrnygirl67 UtahMember Posts: 1
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I've had my Rogue SV for less than 2 months. 13 days after I purchased it the AEB system went off, randomly. I was in a parking garage going less than 10mph and there was nothing in front/behind/around me to collide with.

I took it into the dealership and they said the computer didn't register the braking. At that time they also found out that the rear axle was bad (on a new car!!) So they replaced them.

The AEB engaged again, randomly, for no reason earlier this week. Nissan won't acknowledge a problem. The dealership is telling me to go elsewhere to get it figured out (yes, i was a bit upset when my new car broke less than 2 wks after leasing it)

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I know it's an issue (google it). What can we do to get Nissan to fix this, it is a danger!!
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