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Ford Ranger III



  • btate2002btate2002 Posts: 64
    I believe that MotorTrend online's Future thing says 2004. says 2003 or 2004.
  • dsdrvr01dsdrvr01 Posts: 10
    Seeing as I just got a 2001 B3000 DS which is coughafordcough was wondering what the quirks of fords were. In my experience every vehicle has quirks generally specific to it's type. I've already figured out the annoying fuel guage but was wondering if there were any more substantial.

    Ohh and totyota owners don't even start I've had and worked on enough toyota's to know their quirks as well. MY favorite was the 74 celica with a distributor that fried every time it rained hard or you went through a puddle. Got real good at replacing those and always carried spare points etc because of it.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    BTW I got the MAZDA because owning a Ford in my family get's you out of the will.

  • mpyoungmpyoung Posts: 2
    We are really enjoying this vehicle. We ordered the chrome yellow (awesome color). We ordered the 4.0 liter (awesome engine) in the 2wd version, and also with limited slip rear axle. Boy, did we get a deal! Rebate went to $2,000 before we picked it up last week, found financing myself close by at 6.9%. Got this vehicle at $1,593 BELOW DEALER invoice cost after trading in my totally worthless 1985 Ford Tempo with 200,000 miles on it! Dealer invoice cost $18,208, MSRP $19,965, $16,615 my cost after rebates and taxes and registration fees! Drives fantastic so far, but we only have about 160 miles on it. Can't wait to see how it treats us in the long run! Now it's time to accessorize! We test drove all the other similar vehicles including the Toyota double cab, nissan frontier, dodge quad cab. Didn't test drive the chevy s-10, too small looking! Liked the Toyota double cab, but too much money!! Will keep you posted on future performance! 2001 Ranger Edge Owner
  • That's the same truck I'm trying to get myself into. I think you got the supercab, because 16600 is MSRP for the regular(which I want). Tell us how it goes!

    dsdrvr01-> Fords get a bad wrap, but one I feel is undue. Most people buy fords because that's of the value of the vehicles, plus all models range from cheap base to the expensive loaded vehicles. I think some people just don't know how to care for their cars, and if it's a Ford (or any domestic car) they blame the maker. A college roomate or mine hates ford with a passion, saying his leased F-150 was a rough riding hog, with no performance or gas milage to speak of. I later found out that he never changed the oil in the 3.5 years he owned it! That's why he hated Ford, but should be hating himself. (Consequently, the Ford never blew up despite the mud for oil it was using, it's still on the road today. Ford Tough!) Driving habits, maintaining practices, etc make all the difference. Add a little Duralube or Zmax every year or so, and you'll be running for a long time.

    Anybody own the new Tremor sound system yet? How does it sound?
  • arwildarwild Posts: 5
    I've got a problem with the drivers side power window on my 94 ranger. Can anyone tell me how to remove the door panel please? Is it normal for the window motor to die all of a sudden?

  • califjohncalifjohn Posts: 101
    My daughter's '98 Ranger 3.0 extended cab, flare side had an odometer failure at 39K (just past warranty). Has anyone had a problem like this, and did the dealer fix it under courtesy warranty? I know there is a service bulletin out on this problem but the dealer says it does not cover repair costs, only how to do the job.
  • frey4frey4 Posts: 30
    i own both a Ranger (2000 LXT 4x4 4.0, 5 spd. auto) and a Nissan (extended cab, 2.4 liter, manual). the Ranger has a much more robust drive train and a better suspension. what i DON"T like about the Ford is the nagging electrical troubles (e.g. windshield wipers go on after using turn signals, door chimes not going off, etc. ). i also hate the vague steering feel. it seems to "wander" all of the time. it is an effort to keep it going straight, requiring a lot of steering input. the Nissan is actually more fun to drive, but is noways NEAR the Ford is being used for towing or hauling. the Nissan has been more reliable. however, the NEW nissans are so ugly, i couln't get myself to buy one. and they still have lightweight differentials and trannies.
  • "And for all you audiophiles, the Ranger Tremor package, available in the SuperCab configuration, will offer a 560-watt Pioneer stereo system with subwoofers built into the floor behind the front seats, and six other speakers dotting the interior landscape. The aftermarket-grade system will be available in the spring of 2001."

    Just curious if any owners are happy with it?
  • goldrangergoldranger Posts: 54

    try starting with the A/C or heater OFF. see if the noise goes away. I heard several do that when I was test driving b-4 I bought mine. Mine only does it with A/C on.
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    This would be the fastest Ranger, and with the auto, the best towing Ranger. Yet, I do not even see a 4.0L offered in a regular cab model that isn't a 4wd. How can Ford crow about 6070 lbs of towing ability, yet NOT offer a truck with the appropriate options to achieve this rating? Maybe it's just me, but Edmunds, MSN, carsdirect, etc., and the dealership's brochures do not show how to order a 4.0L regular cab, styleside Ranger.
    Any help would be appreciated here...I've owned two 4.0's in the past, but it was WAY easier to figure out the ordering options back in 1993 and the new 4.0L available with a manual tranny?
  • urbanallenurbanallen Posts: 2
    Hi, Just bought a Ranger XL, stripped version here in Oregon for $8988.... it's got vinyl seats... I find sitting in this uncomfortable and would like to hear what others think. I just needed wheels to get around, and this fits the need, but I can't imagine driving more than 20 miles due to the uncomfort of this split bench seat. Nice truck otherwise. I notice my feet slip around on the plastic floor too.
  • Forget all the other build-a-car sites, goto or

    It's only available in some areas, but it's the best as far as offering realistic and available designs.

    I'm looking for a 01 or 02 regular cab ranger, with 4.0l. The catch seems to be you get the flareside for the 5 speed (manual or auto). To get styleside 4.0l, you have to go 4x4.

    allen--->Thats why you always test drive before you buy. Anyways, you should be able to find some bucket seats out of an older ranger and drop them in. It'll cost a bit, unless you get lucky at a junkyard, but they'll drop in. I think mustang seats will be too low, but maybe a windstar, or f-150?

  • It only allows choice of tranny, motor, body style, and color.
  • Sorry, guys I'll break in here to talk about my old-school first-year 1983 Ranger. I got it when I was in high school. I beat the crap out of it every weekend , hardly ever changed the oil, and did some unreal (read: stupid and foolish) things like jumping it off a motorcycle jump. I knocked myself out for about 30 seconds, but the truck still purred like a pissed -off mountain lion.Another time I took out a fence row about 60 or 70 feet long. No sweat! It was bone-stock, but I could go almost anywhere the lifted trucks could. The puny 2.3 engine was pain on the interstate, though. The only thing I could pass was gas!! I went through 3 clutches , an engine rebuild, and rust holes The new Rangers are tough , a lot better-looking and more comfy, but I don't know if their bodies could take a thrashing like I gave mine. I've grown up, of course, so I wouldn't do that to a new one. But I probably will buy another pickup. I like Toyotas, but the Ranger is a better deal ,and a little more comfortable to drive daily.
  • Sasquatch--->But it shows the 4.0l with manual available. It does a better job of showing available combinations, but yes, not all the littler options...

  • frey4frey4 Posts: 30
    I cannot seem to get rid of a vibration in my 2000 4x4 Ranger (Extended cab) at cruise speed. It feels like tires. The dealer has tried to balance then 3 times. They are Firestones AT's (235/75/15 with stock Ford alloys). Can anyone help me ? Is it likely a tire problem ? The dealer claims this is an "aftervibration" common to Rangers, and claims that they "all shake" to some extent ! Incredible ! Is this true ? If this IS true, I am truly SICK for buying this truck. Can you recommend a tire that won't shake ?? Must they be balanced against a load (on a "load" balancer ?). thanks in advance.
  • More than likely the u-joints are out of phase. But the easiest thing to do is balance the tires. Have the tire store check the balance of the rims without any tires on them, maybe one or two are just horribly off center. Don't have any weights on the rim when you do this. Then after the rims are tested for decent weight balance, put the tires on. This may require swapping a few tires to different rims just so they can counter balance themselves better. Also note that most tires have a small painted circle or dot in the rubber that denotes where the valve stem should be.

    This paint circle or dot should be mounted right by the valve stem. This really helps on minimizing the balancing needed.

    Most tire stores don't bother to do this, they just slap on the tires, balance them to within .50 oz, and let 'em go. INSIST on a perfect balance with 0 oz off. Sure it'll probaby be off .25 oz by the end of the week, but in the long run, you should definately not feel any vibration in the suspension or steering wheel for a long time.

    If the wheels are balanced, then it has to be other rotating mass. Like I mentione before, the driveshaft is a likely cuplrit. It could just be out of balance as well, or the u-joints are out of phase meaning not mounted in parallel to each other(when looking down the shaft, the u-joint resembles a + sign, both + signs should be the same, and not like a + sign and x. )
  • cwo4cwo4 Posts: 90
    I noticed on my 98 2wd a vibration which didn't seem right. I took it to my mechanic and he found that there was a harmonic balancer on the driveshaft which had come loose. Basically it was a large metal O ring on the drive shaft itself. It had disloged, shifted forward to the u-joint and was considerably chewed up. Ford completely replaced my drive shaft. No problems after that.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Firejunkers!! These are more than likely a 4ply tire and won't take offroading. Tires make a huge difference on how a truck performs offroad. The size I have are a P265x75R16 and are an 8ply all terrain, Goodyear. This size makes my 4x4 Ranger have more ground clearance along with giving it a more agressive stance. 30" and 31" tires will also fit....
  • You mention 265/75R16 tires. Then you mention 30 and 31" tires. What is height of the 265? Are they taller?

    I would like something a little taller, but don't necessarily want the width which comes with the 31 or 32" tires.

  • jfowlerjrjfowlerjr Posts: 20
    Has anyone out there bought a new Ranger with this engine? What are your thoughts of this engine? Gas mileage, passing power thing like that.

    On a side note does anyone if the new 2.8 I5 engine is coming in 2002 or 2003.

  • dannygdannyg Posts: 131
    According to this article, the 2.8L I5 is "on hold" (see last paragraph):

    I'm interested in any comments on the 2.3L I4 too...

  • btate2002btate2002 Posts: 64
    I know the 3.0 is supposed to be discontinued, but does that mean it will stay another year now??
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    P265x75R16 are about the same size as a 31"...
  • jjpeterjjpeter Posts: 230
    Has anyone installed a Hi flow air filters assembly in their Ranger? I have a 99 with the 3.0 liter motor that lacks guts and am thinking freeing up the air flow could not hurt. Any thoughts?
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    air filter on my 4.0. A friend who also has a Ranger with a 3.0 has a K&N air charger kit. If you can afford it do dual exhaust. He has it on his Ranger and it upped his HP easily 20HP. If you do the K/N you should also open the exhaust system somehow.. A chip also will help but you have to run super... Also try better plugs, iginition system. The 3.0 can be built up, there are plenty of aftermarket parts... Good luck.
  • Don't forget some big ole plug wires with a minimum of resistance, splitfire or platinum plus plugs, upgrade your battery to a 1000+ cca(this may require updating your alternator), open up the air box, take off any snorkel unless you're always playing in deep puddles. High flow mufflers are okay, but high flow catalyst converters are better. You can get aftermarket ignition like MSD, accel, or holley. Carb's can always increase jet size, or upgrade CFM, EFI's can get larger injectors and higher volume pumps, and chips galore. Put in some zmax for less friction and wear internally, use that royal purple synthetic oil for the same. You can delete the A/C to eliminate some parasitic drag, but not recommended in the warmer states. Move the water pump to electric, put the alternator on electri charge, and go with manual steering or brakes. If you're handy with a die cutter, you can port your own heads, but don't do this unless you know what you're doing. Intake as well can be ported/extrude honed. If you're feeling brave you can try a small fogger shot of laughing gas(less than 75hp!!!) At lot of these are crazy and most are expensive, but it might give you some ideas.

    Or when buying, pay 220 extra for the 4.0l!

    The bosch platinum plus plugs get pretty expensive for my four cylinder that has 2 plugs per cylinder! V8 tune up cost for a 4 banger, but at least I can still beat up on imports with coffee can exhaust pipes.
  • gk3gk3 Posts: 13
    My 2001 Ford Ranger SC 4X4 4.0L/5 speed AT has Firestone Wilderness AT tires, size 245/75R 16. Following the recent announcement by Ford, on May 22nd 2001, on the replacement of all Wilderness AT tires, I would like to have my tires replaced ASAP.

    Any suggestions as to what would be a dependable tire w/ good traction on wet pavement, that wears well and is quiet on the road (almost exclusively city/highway driving), that would qualify for the $130 per tire reimbursement by Ford?

    Is it your understanding like mine, that Ford dealerships are authorized to use only certain tires for the replacement, while going through a tire dealer/shop one could choose any tire manufacturer or type or size of tire and be reimbursed by Ford (up to $130 per tire), by taking the old tires and an original sales receipt to a Ford dealership?

    I would appreciate any comments, input or personal experiences on this subject... Thank you.
  • teknogeek9teknogeek9 Posts: 12
    I have a 94 Ranger XLT/4x2/4/shortbed. I replaced the factory installed tires with Dunlop AT Radial Rovers and have been very satisfied with them. Thus far, I have over 25K on them and they still look new. The one thing that I did notice was the handling improvement. The rear end no longer swings when going over a bump.
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