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Ford Ranger III



  • I'm considering the same issue and don't know why ford can't be bothered to offer the LSD across their line. What I might do is add a Detroit Truetrac ( aftermarket LSD. It's probably $500 or so installed but is a gear based unit rather than clutch so should be "better". I haven't verified availability for all the ranger axle combinations so, if you're interested, you should check for the specific combination you want before buying the truck.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    If your going to do any type of hauling I would highly reccomend a LSD diff. The LSD will help you get up slippery inclines with a boat or snowy roads with the snowmobiles. A LSD is far better than an open axle. As was said, its a clutch system, not a gear based system. I have LSD on my Ranger and can feel the extra grip when I start to slip...:-))
  • dmoulddmould Posts: 76
    Here in Canada - LSD is standard in ALL 2001 Rangers, 4x2 and 4x4. Just verified this on the site - go to build/price your own to see for yourself. You will have to enter a postal code; mine is k2k 2j5.
    You will also see on that we can get the Ranger XLT 4x2 Regular Cab with the 4.0L SOHC and 5-speed. Could definitely go out hunting for Dakota R/Ts with one of these babies!
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Wow! A 4x2 LSD with a 4.0 SOHC 5spd!! This would be a heck of a ride. Put some 60's on it, better shocks for stability, sway bar, springs..... list can go on and on and you could have yourself a mini-lightning on your hands for a couple thousand in aftermarket add ons..
  • david6david6 Posts: 75
    Yeah, I have been laying tile the past couple of days and haven't had a chance to get to the dealer to order the Ranger, but I figured I'd do it, and if I couldn't get anywhere without the Limited Slip, I feel confident that someone must offer one aftermarket. Still, I don't like that much.

    I just figure I'd be better off saving the cash than spending a ton on stuff I don't need and a style I don't like with the Mazda. Maybe I should go to Canada to get the Ranger I want!
  • I'm hoping that some Ranger owners might be able to help me out with a problem I'm having with my Mazda truck since both are quite similar. Seems that the heater on my '97 B2300 wants to work when IT WANTS TO work. If I leave the selector knob on "heater" setting and the temp control knob in the red area at night and turn on the truck in the morning, then more often that not the heater will warm the cab. Not always though and not from the "Off" position. I've popped open the dash panel to look at the connections etc. and visually all looks okay. Any ideas on what it might be? I'm relunctant to go to the Mazda dealer because walking in is an $80 computer check. The radiator and water pump were replaced a little over a month ago. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  • eharri3eharri3 Posts: 645
    Had to skip around quite a bit following a trail of dead topics to find you guys. I test drove a 2001 extended cab XLT today and was les than impressed. The 4.0 V6 felt like it had a good kick off the line and then leveled off and got weaker and weaker as speeds increased. The automatic seemed to have been programmed by a drunk engineer. And what's with those cheap, plasticky looking tie down bars on the bed rails? I'll take some real stainless steal ones over those anyday. I love Rangers, but it seems to me like Ford made lots of mistakes on this redesign, another one of which is the styling. First word it brings to mind? Appliance!
    I think maybe I'll be holding on to my '95 until the next redesign in 2003.
  • Anyone heard anything about when the 2001 Ranger Premium Off-Road Package will hit the dealerships? And will it be available on the Edge model?
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    What I have heard around the net is this package will become available for order sometime in the Jan-Feb time frame. This is just from what I have heard from visiting other web site chat rooms.
    This offroad pkg is going to be awesome. Much more functional for the everyday user than the Toyota TRD package. So many people by this package unaware of what a locker is or does and that it can only be engaged in 4low and when its not engaged its an open axle. The LSD is much more functional for everyday use.
  • Does this truck even exist? It seems after looking at brochures and the internet, the 4.0l is only available on a 4wd Edge. I like the 2wd Edge because it is high, good for visibility, and equally important , less chances of scraping the tailpipe on steep ramps when carrying a heavy payload. But I want the bigger V-6, since it tows more, get better mileage, and has more pep. It overall looks cool, except for the bedrails. And I like the vynil floor covering very much. It think this truck can pretty much beat a Tacoma Prerunner (2000 Tacoma Prerunner is the coolest looking truck, me thinks) except on payload and rear child safety seat provisions. I want a Ranger Edge 4.0l V-6 2wd SC Styleside, with 3.55 LSD, 5/Auto, 4 door and the 1600 lb payload. Anyone knows if this actually exists? Dealers don't know much, and FordVehicles don't have the 2001 Ranger listed yet. By the way, can a Ranger handle a 2000 lb payload and not break or be too dangerous in an emergency?

    Leo dC
  • david6david6 Posts: 75

    Nope, I would have liked that set-up, too, but Ford will only let you have the 4.0L in the 4x4 Edge, or in an XLT.

    You may want to consider the Mazda clone. You can get what you want (mostly) with the "Dual Sport" package. 2wd, 4.0L, LSD, Auto and 4 door. Personally, I don't like the look of the Mazda, and I was able to get a great deal on a Ford, but this may be right for you.

    I also have found that Ford will only let me have the 4.10 LSD with my 4.0L, so you may have problems getting the 3.55 LSD. However, I'm getting a 4x4.
  • david6david6 Posts: 75
    After going back and forth, I decided I couldn't get a 2wd Ranger without Limited Slip. Not with the work I do and the winters where I live.

    I considered an F-150 with a LSD, but settled on a 4x4 Ranger, for $1,500 cheaper and easier manueverability. After all, I have a dump truck I can use to haul big loads, and the wife's car for multiple people (I've carried more than one passenger in my car about a dozen times in three years, so I don't see the extra room in the F-150 as critical).

    So the dealer is building me a 2001 Ranger XLT with the 4.0L, the 5 speed Auto, Extended Cab, Power Package and the 4.10 Limited Slip. I actually had them try to order the 3.73 Limited Slip, but they said that Ford would only put that on the 3.0L engine.

    I decided I'd rather have the extra expense up front and in insurance to get the Limited Slip and the 4x4 and better resale value. (In my area, everyone is convinced that they MUST HAVE 4x4, and these trucks sell amazingly quick, regardless of condition, while 2wd trucks take a long, long time to sell). I still wish I could have gotten a regular old 2wd Ranger with a LSD, but Ford's scheme worked, and they got me to spend more money than I planned. Still, I'm better off than if I'd gotten a Nissan Frontier, 2wd LSD, since I got a great deal and lotsa power.

    Sorry about the long post, but if you look back through the postings you may realize that this was a long, painful process to get to this point! And now all I have to do I sell my car to avoid getting screwed on trade-in.

  • As far as looks go, and the functionality of what I have in mind, I really would like the Edge. But I want the 4.0l in a lifted 4x2 without having to spend money on lifting it. I have looked at Mazda B4000 DS and it has everything I like in what the Ford Ranger Edge, except for the vynil seat. Besides, it does have a sexier looking box which unlike the flairside, doesn't reduce inner volume capacity. But what I can't find in Mazda's list of options is the 1600 lb payload. Does Mazda have this option, because anything less that 1500 lbs I consider a weakling.

    Leo dC
  • Recently decided it was time to upgrade from my 98 2WD Reg. Cab Ranger to "The Edge" 4WD Ext. Cab Reg. Bed. Saw it-loved it-drove it-loved it more. For 22 Grand (invoice) what more could you want. That is of course my opinion but anyway. I read in a Moter Trend Mag recently (not sure which issue) and it said that the new edge would have a optional killer sound system with the in-dash CD changer I believe and a 10" sub with amp and other nice goodies. I believe they said it was awesome but I can't find the issue or I'd quote you. I asked the dealer about it and I got the usual answer I get when I have a question. If it isn't on the lot they don't have a clue. So do any of you have a clue as to what I am talking about or did I just dream that article up. I am not a boom head at all but would not mind paying a "few" extra bucks to get a "much" better stereo-factory stock. And like I said the article said it was great. So if you know anything I would appreciate it. Thanks---------Ken
  • What you are talking about is called the Tremor Package and its new. It consists of a Pioneer sound system w/ amp, 10" subwoofer, 4 pioneer 5x7's and I think it may come with 2 tweeters. it is linked with the 6 disc in dash cd player.
  • david6david6 Posts: 75

    As I understand it, the payload is somewhat dependant on the build of the truck, but also the spring/shock set-up. The Mazda can't be much different than the Ford, I'd think, and maybe with aftermarket suspension bits you can make up the difference.
  • david6david6 Posts: 75
    After glancing at the Edmunds list of options yesterday (was considering adding the bedliner/tonneau cover option) I noticed that they list a Limited Slip on the 2wd Rangers now.

    Stopped by my dealer, and he claimed, "No, when we had problems putting in your [4x4] order last night [because I wanted the 3.73 LSD, and the 4.0L 4x4 requires the 4.10 LSD], we tried your original 2wd LSD combination and the computer wouldn't take it." Well, that was hard to believe - why would he try my old order again? It sounded like something he made up on the spot, but who knows for sure. I said fine, but since I had doubts, I called his competitor who I'd been talking to, and had him try to build me my 2wd LSD combo.

    Guess what? He was able to do it. 4.0L, auto, XLT, all the trimmings and the 3.55 LSD. So I got his price and called the dealer where the 4x4 is ordered and told him (since the order is about a day old) that I'd be coming in today to write up a new order for a 2wd! If he messes with me I'll go to his competitor, even though that'll be a bit of a trip in comparison. I'm just glad I found out that I could build the truck I originally wanted before I had spent a bunch more cash on the 4x4. Talk about a roller-caoster ride.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Dave, it pays to be persistent. I have been told some dealers will try to steer you one way or another because they know what the factory builds. This way they can find your "order" somewhere at another Ford dealership.
    The Ranger is available in about 20 different combinations. This is what makes the Ranger so popular.
  • gk3gk3 Posts: 13
    Well, folks, finally I made my move! A few days ago, I bought a new '01 Ranger XLT SC 4-door, 4X4, w/ 4.0L AT, 4.10 axle ratio, 245-75R-16 tires, power group, etc. It looks pretty sharp in white. I had the spray-in liner applied the other day. Now I'm trying to decide on running boards. It sits pretty high and especially the wife has a hard time getting in and out of it.

    I was looking at trucks for a while and narrowed it down to the Ranger as a good value, especially at $4,700 below MSRP (including the factory rebate).

    Right now, I'm trying to get used to riding so high off the ground (nice to see so far ahead, though) and the stirring, which I find a little too stiff for my liking. Otherwise, I like it a lot...have received a few complements from strangers already. The 4-door super cab sure comes in handy for putting in groceries, etc.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    I have nerf bars on my Ranger. (Tubular steps). I feel these look much better than the running boards.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Congrats on your new 01 Ranger. Sounds pretty nice. With the 4.0 auto and 4.10 gears, don't expect stellar MPG. This truck is built to pull and haul with the 4.10 gearing. Did you get a LSD? What kind of tires? If they are Firestones run don't walk to your nearest Discount/America's tire company. They will give you a trade in amount towards a new set of tires. I bet those you have on presently are a 4ply tires. Don't go offroad until you know what ply they are. Get a good all terrain tire if you plan on doing any type of offroading. Go to a P255x76R16 or P265. This will make your Ranger a much better offroader. It will also change the stance and look of your Ranger.
  • gk3gk3 Posts: 13
    Thanks, vinc8, and guess what? I'm already getting used to the height (kind of fun!) and the stiff stirring, which I don't feel as much. Either it loosened up with a few miles on it, or I adapted to it.

    Insofar as the tires are concerned, it has the optional larger Firestone Wilderness A/T P245X75RX16. I will be doing almost exclusively city/suburban/highway driving (I was debating if I needed a 4x4 in the first place). So, I think I'll be staying put for a while on the tires. According to the Firestone person I spoke with, I should get at least 50,000 miles out of them. They look pretty nice w/ the white writing on them (If I could only keep them looking that way!). With any larger size, I feel (and the tire man confirmed) I would be getting less smooth ride, though sturdier and more dependable for off-road driving.

    With reference to the running boards, I was torn between the nerf bars (sportier) and aluminum running boards (more practical). I let the practical part win and placed an order for the black anodized aluminum running boards, with a gray non-slip hard strip across. They provide longer/wider coverage, are longer in the back (to the rear wheel well), which would help trying to reach something in the bed of the truck, and provide better protection to the body from flying gravel, because they are capped at both ends. In addition, they come with a 5 or 6 yr warranty and cost $100 less than the nerf bars. The only thing I did not like about them, is they will have to drill to install them, versus the use of just braces for the installation of nerf bars.
  • dannygdannyg Posts: 131
    At the risk of offending the off-road crowd, I for one would like the standard 4x2 trucks to ride lower to the ground since they aren't going off road like the 4x4s. Sure, offer a "Prerunner"-type option for people that want their 4x2s to look like 4x4s. But at least offer the option of a lower-to-the-ground 4x2. This would offer a number of advantages for the millions of people who DON'T use their pickups off-road:

    --easier to get in/out (see #209 who mentions his wife has trouble getting into his truck, a common problem);
    --better MPG (lower wind resistance);
    --easier to load/unload the bed.

    In the old days, 4x2s rode lower than 4x4s. I think we should go back to that.

    Just my thoughts.
  • danny25danny25 Posts: 119
    Who doesn't offer a lower ride height for their trucks. Ford does with the XLT, and Mazda does with their SE trim. And for a higher ride Ford has the Edge, and Mazda has the Dual Sport.
  • If I had em on my truck, I'd take vince's advice, run, don't walk to your nearest Discount/America's tire company.
  • Some of the 2wd trucks....and not the "I want you to think its 4wd" ride higher because of heavy duty suspensions that are capable of doing alot of work and/or are able to handle unpaved roads.
  • dmoulddmould Posts: 76
    Personally, I have no use for the high riding 2wd trucks. They offer all of the negatives of a 4wd truck (poor handling, loading disadvantage, greater fuel consumption, etc) without the benefit of enhanced traction. They don't have higher payloads than the standard height 2wd - at least in Ford/Mazda. The regular height trucks still offer enough ground clearance to climb the odd curb. I like a truck that can haul my snowmobile or bicycle, but can still go around a corner with some enthusiasm - and that's why my current/next truck is a 2wd Ranger XLT.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    The Ranger called "Adrenalin" is rumored to be just around the corner. I guess its going to sport a different V6, sporty looks, tuned suspension, the works. Its going to compete with the Extreme from Chevy.
    Today I saw a new 2001 Ranger sport in black. Wow! an eye catcher no doubt. Ford doesn't badge their trucks as either having a 3.0 or 4.0, kind of wish they would though. From what I can tell by the exterior I would bet it had the new SOHC 4.0 in it. It had power mirrors and a toneau cover and looked like it had the 245 tires. This person spent some money so I had to assume the opted for the SOHC 4.0..... Just a thought.
  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 583
    What ever happened to the wife's Contour?
  • Has anyone heard when the Off-road package will be available on the 2001 Ranger? The only info I have seen is the caption under one of Edmund's photos that says fall of 2001. I hope that is a misprint as this package appears to have everything I want. Last time I checked, Ford's website did not mention it. I'm pretty sure I will wait until it's available. The 94 should make it a few thou more. Just turned 102,000! Thanks for any input.
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