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Caravan/Voyager Audio & Entertainment Systems

silverfrostsilverfrost Member Posts: 1
Hey, i have a 2000 chrysler voyager, and the 2 front speakers by the doors are not working. can anyone suggest a possible solution? i tried looking for a fuse but can't seem to locate one for the speakers. thanks!


  • racingvanracingvan Member Posts: 2
    There is no fuse for the speakers. either the harness is damaged at the head unit (unlikely) or the fader switch on the head unit is faulty (very likely). have you adjusted the fader to see if it solves the problem? Also you didn't mention if the vehicle has premium sound option. if it does there is an amplifier in the van that may also be faulty. keep me posted.
  • marianne73marianne73 Member Posts: 3
    My 2003 53 plate voyager (I am in the UK) has just come back from the garage (not a chrysler garage) following a bump, and they have switched off? the dvd player.

    They also switched of the radio, but i had a code for that written down in the manual. It is a Mopar dvd player, and now when i put in a dvd it says wrong region ? I have been on to the mopar site but there is no relevant information. we have read the instructions and my husband says we need a code ? does anyone know where i can find this code ..i have searched the internet and with a christmas drive coming up am dreading 31/2 - 4 hours with the kids asking are we there yet ? ? !!!

    My car is going into the chrysler garage on 28th December for a handbreak recall and someone in the service dept said they would take a look at the player, but he wasnt sure they would be able to help ? ?

    many thanks, and apologies if i have just posted this in the wrong place.
  • tkastentkasten Member Posts: 1
    I own a 2002 Town and Country with an after factory Mopar DVD system installed. My van was broken into and the remote for the system and the 2 headphones were stolen. Can anyone help me identify where to replace these? I have found no relevant information on line at the Mopar site or other site selling Mopar replacement parts. Nobody seems to have ever needed parts for a Mopar DVD system.

    I would love a site or number to call!
  • 2000gcsport2000gcsport Member Posts: 1
    I've got a 2000 grand caravan sport and have a similar problem like Silverfrost's. I have the premium sound system (infinity speakers) and the fwd rt speakers aren't working. I can adjust the fader joystick to the front right (one speaker in the top dash, one in the door)and sound is barely audible. With the joystick centered, I get the good sound from all the other speakers but I can hear fuzz and popping from both fwd rt speakers. Also, I can hear a pop when I use the auto windows and a pop when I turn the stereo on/off. I pulled the stereo out and checked the wires/connections - all good. I can't get at the speakers - I tried the door but couldn't get the trim off. I don't know how the speakers are wired. I can't isolate either of the two right fwd speakers with the joysick. Could a loose wire of short on either speaker cause this? Could it be the receiver? What can I do??
  • marianne73marianne73 Member Posts: 3
    not sure about a remote, but i bought headphones on ebay.
  • marianne73marianne73 Member Posts: 3
    Am hoping (previosu post back in december) someone can help with a regard to my faulty mopar dvd player. does anyone have codes?? following a bump, the battery was disabled, when i insert a region 2 dvd into the system it says wrong region.it was working fine before it went into the garage. It has been to 2 chrysler garages and neither will give me the codes, they will however offer to sell me a new dvd player or a demo model off thier forecourt !!
  • shagyashagya Member Posts: 5

    Have you tried substituting another speaker for the right front connection? ( use any eight ohm speaker and temporarily wire across the RT front connection at the radio ). The speaker in the dash is normally connected through a capacitor since this is meant to act as a tweeter not a full range speaker. If the connection is shorted (or open, which is more likely) this could be determined with a digital multimeter. But do this with the radio off.
  • baleahaybaleahay Member Posts: 2
    I have a 1998 Dodge Caravan with a Radio C/D,Cassette,player...It keeps blowing fuses..thinking the radio was bad,I bought a new one..but it blows fuses as soon as its turned on too..any ideas what could be throwing the fuse? The clock works,but as soon as the radio is turned on,it blows the fuse....appreciate any help..
  • baleahaybaleahay Member Posts: 2
  • tirna51tirna51 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Dodge Caravan with the Infinity Speakers. I bought a CD player and tried to install it yesterday and couldn't get any audio from the new system. I returned the system to BestBuy and they said the system was fine, but it had something to do with the Infinity system in the Caravan.

    Can anyone tell me how I can change out the original factory tape player and upgrade to a CD player? I was told there was a wire under the hood that powered the speakers, but Best Buy wouldn't tell me where the wire was or what I needed to do to install my system.

    Any ideas?
  • pittsbkpittsbk Member Posts: 1
    Having same exact problem as Tirna 51....Best Buy no help ...Been at this for Hours Now....I know it has something to do with brown/green amp wire...Please Help!!!
  • bechnutnascarbechnutnascar Member Posts: 1
    hello,just hook up the blue wire from your factory harness to the blue remote wire on the new deck harness.you have a factory amp .
  • fuelfixerfuelfixer Member Posts: 1
    Does ANYONE have a site where I can research just what Infinity Receivers,Cassette,CD units belong to which years? & Which will cross-reference & work? ALSO, Infinity speakers: Model numbers associated w/ which years? OTHER:Just plain information on Infinity before I go baNaNaz :confuse:
  • ktk0117ktk0117 Member Posts: 1
    My 1998 Grand Caravan has an 8 speaker system. 2 on dash, 2 in front doors, two by rear seat in sides, and 2 small (tweeters?) in the rear left gate.

    All the in dash units I see in stores to replace this only have 4 channels. Can anyone shed some light on how to wire this, or send a diagram?

    I'm not sure if the extra speakers are tied into one another on those channels or what.

    Or do I buy a non-powered unit and use (if supplied) amp already in the van?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • debi12debi12 Member Posts: 1
    My 2000 Dodge Caravan SE Short Sport has the Infinity sound system with 10 speakers in it. Recently the lift gate was replaced and there are no speakers in the new one. I could have sworn there were speakers in it prior to replacement but I can't seem to find any information to back that. One would think counting the speakers would be an easy solution, however there are 2 places behind the back seat that look like they could be speakers, or air vents, but neither sound nor moving air are produced from those spots. I even have the original sticker showing 10 speakers and the original marketing booklet, but neither show lift gate speakers.

    Can anyone tell me if there were actually speakers in the lift gate? Can someone supply photos of such speakers?
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