How to install new cooling fan assembly motor on 2012 IS250.

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2012 IS250. My driver side cooling fan motor is shot. I need to install a new one.. I cant find any info online showing the best way to approach this. Do I have to take off the front bumper and then the radiator before I can install the new motor?????


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    I've seen a couple of online video where the whole assembly on some cars can be replaced by removing a couple of bolts and electrical connector and lifted straight up. You may have to remove some shield in the engine compartment. I suppose it's possible the front clip need to come off, but I'd look for a way to keep it simple and avoid that. It may be easier to replace the whole unit than just the motor on the driver side.

  • elflamablancaelflamablanca FloridaMember Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply... so I've disconnected the motors and unclipped the top 3 clips on the plastic assembly (theres 3 on top and 2 on the bottom it looks like. I also took out the coolant reservoir, air filter and its cover, and the air inlet. So I have some room to maneuver around.

    What shield and what front clip are you talking about???
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