Too old to still repair? Is it worth it?

dgaldgal Member Posts: 25
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I have a '97 Lexus ES300 with 89,000 miles that needs the following repairs:

1. TPS sensor, Mass Airflow Meter (stalling)
2. Brake Master Cylinder (break leak)
3. Power Steering Pump with Serpentine Belt (leaking I guess)
4. Valve Cover Gaskets
5. Right Front Axle and later on the Left Axle
6. Rear Struts (loud banging)

The estimate for the repairs is close to $3,000. The car is nowhere worth that amount. Is it worth it to keep putting money into this car? How much longer do they usually last? They said engine and transmission look good. I recently bought new tires and rear brakes. I am not in the position to buy a new used car to replace this with cash upfront so I would have to finance. I do love this car and am having trouble being objective. Advise would be appreciated. Thank you!
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