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My keyless remote just stopped working for my 02 rodeo. I changed the batteries and still not working. I suspect that it may have lost its programming. Does anyone know the procedure in re-programming it so I don't have to pay the dealership to do something that only takes following instructions? thanks


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    There is a website called "" that sells replacement keyless entry fobs or just the programming instructions. I just bought one for my '02 Rodeo Sport. The cost was $70 for both the fob and instructions. The programming instructions alone are $14. My local Isuzu dealer wanted to charge $89 for a replacement fob and $42 just to program it.
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    I need instructions on how to program a keyless remote for this pathfinder.I would like to do it myself instead of paying the dealer 45.00. Thanks!!
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    I need instructions for reprograming the keyless remote for a 1995 chev astro, I have been told that only a dealership can do this. If anyone knows the the procedure please post it. thanks, k. heller
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    Try asking in the GMC Safari/Chevy Astro discussion.
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    On my 97:
    1: turn ignition on ( don't start )
    2: under driver's seat is the control box. To the rear of the box is a hole with a green button ( easier to see from rear passenger floor ). Depress this button with a screwdriver or similar tool until light on dash goes on, then release.
    3: press button on remote, light should go out.
    for more remotes, repeat from step #2
    4: turn ignition off.
    5: test
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    I recently purchased (2) Hyundai Sonata keyless remotes. The numbers match up. Now I need to programm the remote for the vehicle. I have the basic instructions which requires me to access the "central locking signal control module" located behind the center "fascia". What specifically is the center fascia ? Is that the area below the steering column or is it located on one side or the other of the steering column ? If anyone that has any input concerning this, would appreciate the feedback.

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    I was wondering if you ever found this out I also have a 2004 Hynuadi sonata and trying to program remotes. Do you have instructions on how I cant find them..
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    I bought a 99 Rodeo LS and it did not have the remotes with it when I purchased it. I Believe it should have remotes since it has power locks, etc. But not sure. I did buy a fob and instructions and I have tried several times to get it into programming mode but when it is supposed to cycle the lock/unlock signifying it is in programming mode, it doesn't cycle the locks. Can anyone tell me how to tell if the car should have remote keyless entry and how to get it into programming mode. Or if some unit on the vehicle is out and I just have to replace it (and which unit that would be)

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    I have a 99 Isuzu Rodeo and followed the instructions to program my remote. I got to the programming mode, but when I click the lock/unlock on the transmitter, it does not respond. I have even replaced the transmitter batteries. Can anybody help? Thanks.
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