Lower Control Arms rotted out

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I have an '09 Liberty with 70K. Vehicle has always been garaged, washed, maintained, etc. I am the original owner. Few weeks ago I'm turning a corner and hear and feel a loud bang and then it sounds like a flat tire. Pulled off the road and discovered both lower control arms for the rear axle had rotted away to the point the center 6" were gone. Had it towed home where I have my own shop complete with a lift and all equipment to do anything. Underside of the car is in very good shape. Very little surface rust on the steel underneath. Body is in excellent shape. Only thing that rotted were the lower control arms. Bought new upper and lower OEM parts and put it back together that afternoon. I regularly inspect the car whenever I change oil, which is every 3500-4000 miles. I spray the underside with Fluid Film and check for anything amiss. Last time it was on the lift prior to this happening was April, 2019. The control arms didn't look bad then. The lower ones have two small holes drilled into the top of the mid section, to hold plastic clips for a wire loom that goes to each wheel. I think water gets in but doesn't have a way to get out. I called Jeep/Chrysler Customer Service and the guy on the phone basically blew me off. They had a recall of the 2004-7 models for the same problem. I told him I think you need to extend the recall and reimburse me for parts and the tow. He refused. I called the NHTSA board next and filed a formal complaint. I'll wait and see if anything happens. My main concern is there are plenty of Liberties running around my area, the rust belt, and I can't be the only one with rotted control arms. Luckily I was going only a few mph when they broke. If you have one that's older now, take a minute to check yours, may save an injury. Parts weren't that expensive, lower arms are around $52 each. I don't know if I can post pics on here, but I do have them.
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