Dingy towing behind a motorhome

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I have seen some confusing discussions about towing a Trailblazer behind a motorhome, so I wanted to try and clarify based on experience. I have been towing my 05 TB for years, several times around the country. Its absolutely great! The setup is described in the owner manual under "Recreational Towing".
Engine running, trans in neutral, transfer case in 4HI, then rotate knob clockwise past 4LO and hold for 10 seconds. You should note the 4HI light goes OFF. Release the knob, it will return to 4LO. Leave it there! There is a very dim light on the far right side of knob, hard to see. Test that it really is in neutral by moving the transmission from drive to reverse and back to neutral.
Move the transmission to PARK as you turn off the engine (to minimize grinding). Remove the key and your good to go. Mine does not lock the steering wheel so no need to leave the key in.

I have towed this way for an estimated 70,000 miles, no problems. My TB has 170,000 on the odometer. The odometer does not turn when being towed.
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