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Nissan Pathfinder Key to be reprogrammed

kmkkmk Posts: 4
My 2005 pathfinder would not start, it took several times for it to finally turn over. Same thing the next day, Brought it to the dealer, they said it was some sort of safety thing???? They had to reprogram the key??? My husband thinks they are full of it!
Any responses????


  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    The vehicle imobilizer system uses a chip in the key (no battery). There is a sensor unit in the steering column that looks for the "correct" key. If it doesn't find it, the vehicle will not inject fuel into the engine, and so, will not start or run.

    I have not heard of this being intermittant (you said it did start eventually), and if it was I don't understand why reprogramming the key into the system would fix it. There can be as many as four keys programmed into the system. If you have trouble again, try the other key your vehicle came with - not the valet key (all metal), the one with the plastic "handle". You'll notice a blue (or perhaps another colour) plastic plug on the handle, covering the chip.

    I would suspect flooding as the probable culpret to a vehicle being hard to start.
  • Same thing happened to my '06. Some days it would start, some days it took me taking the key out of the ignition and putting back in to start. I tracked it everytime and logged any similarities...(ie low fuel, cold, etc) but there were none. Finally, I took to one of those car washes that the car goes through on it's own. When the dude couldn't start it, I got nervous the next car was going to hit mine so I had had enough. Took it in, they thought it might be the key needing to be reprogrammed so they did that. Sure enough, have not had any problems since. So I guess they are telling the truth!

    PS. They service department guy that took our vehicle was adamant that it couldn't be the key. But when they called me back, a different guy said that it can be the key. So even they don't really know....but it works now so I'm happy!
  • I have an '01 Pathfinder SE. I just lost one of my two keys and want to purchase another spare. Is there any way to do this other than paying the dealer? I see key blanks for sale at several online locations but am not clear what is then required to get the key cut and programmed. Do I have to head to a dealer for programming no matter where I buy the key? Any advice would be appreciated.

  • When I purchased my 2000 pathy in December '05 I had the same problem. I bought it from a dealer and he reprogramed the key. Haven't had any problems since then.

  • meinwameinwa Posts: 4
    I bought a new '06 a month ago. Two days into owning it, and it won't start. I took it back to the dealer, and had the keys reprogrammed, and haven't had any trouble...until now, a month later. :mad:
    I was told previously that if reprogramming the keys didn't work, then the computer was going to be replaced. I guess I'll find out what's going to happen tomorrow, when I take it back to the dealer.
  • jkow3jkow3 Posts: 1
    I have been to dozens of online forums that talk about how to reprogram your keyfobs and I believe I am attempting it correctly. Steps: Turn key to ON position, then back OFF. Locate box under drivers seat, push and hold down button until you get the 5 bursts. You hear a series of beeps. Press your LOCK/UNLOCK button on keyfob. This associates the 2 devices. Turn key ON then OFF again. I actually get a response from the BOX when I hit the button on my keyfob, but it still will not work. It leads me to believe I am doing it right, but there is some kind of problem with the remote BOX.
  • Hello,
    I'm trying to see if there is a way to buy a blank key off the net and then have the dealer cut it and program it. Has any one tried this or is there a better way.
    Thanks all!

    99.5 Pathfinder SE
  • dcolldcoll Posts: 5
    I hate to say it but not a bad price. I bought a blank key off of ebay and found a locksmith that will do it for $75.00. Call around, there were some locksmiths that wanted more than the dealer.
  • kalaniekalanie Posts: 3
    I was having the same problem with my 2005 350z. I took it to the dealer where I bought the car and they said they have to reprogram the keys and will take an hour and half. Still under warranty but they said that is not covered under the warranty. I have to pay $50. Not a lot of $ but I bought the car in 06 and the sales peolple probably lost the keys.
  • I have a remote start after market on my 2003 pathfinder if a transponder key was left in the ignition by mistake in the OFF POSTION, will my remote star still start the car or will it somehow confuse the system seeing 2 keys one in the remote start under the dash in the little box where they use an extra key for the remote start?
  • I have a 2003 Nissan pathfinder with one key, I called ace hardware and they said they can clone a key with there computer by getting the code then copy the code into a new transponder key. ,I also asked if they could possibly by mistake erase my one good key ,they claim they have done this for many chip type keys without any problems,is this true?
  • what are they doing when they flash a cars computer,I herd they have to do this when you loose your last key
  • my manual for my pathfinder says to add 5 1/4 qts of oil with a new filter, I changed my oil last week and just put 5 qts in ran it shut it off and checked the dip stick and it showed maybe 1/8th inch over the full mark not much, will it be ok,and its the 2003 VQ35DE V6.
  • I have a new key blank that I will want to program myself and I lost the directions I had. FIRST - Please don't tell me it can't be done. I already did it once. I bought a second key blank about two years ago, had it cut to match my good key, and then reprogrammed it myself using directions that came with the key. They were the kind of directions like, "...wait 3 seconds, turn key to accessory position,...". The directions worked, but I lost my second key. I have only one key left (the original) but the link on it is broken so I NEED a second key again (plus, I want to have a backup). Can anyone please tell me how to do this? I can't find any posts in this forum or even on the internet. The internet seems to cover only fobs and people who say keys require a professional job (BULL!). Once again, there IS a way to do this, I've done it before. If you know how or where I can find how to do it, I would really appreciate it.
  • OK, now I'm wondering if I'm wrong. That stinks, especially given how sure I felt (and nearly feel now). I can find nothing about programming a 2001 Pathy key online.

    Maybe I'm misinterpreting my memory of "I did not take my key to a dealer" as "I did not take my key to anyone for programming." In addition, I might be creating a fake memory of programming the key when I'm actually just remembering the time I programmed a second fob/remote . Maybe I did pay for programming but at the same place I had my key cut?

    I could swear I programmed the second key I had. Maybe I'm plain wrong. If so, it's killing me because I feel so darn sure about it. I wish I could know for sure.
  • Now I think I should retract my self-correction. Oy! I took my blank key to Home Depot in Springfield, NJ. Their locksmith booth is rented by a subcontractor whose employee told me that my Pathfinder 2001 transponder key needs to be reprogrammed using the vehicle. He could not help me. (I did not ask if he or his employer could help while someone watched their booth. )So, since my SUV is required for programming, does this mean there IS a way for me to do it with the key I already have. Can someone out there help me figure this out?
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