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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Lease Questions



  • Yeah, now that I have time to do some research, I see that the dealership posts the MSRP as $37,410. So the quote of $37,265.50 for gross cap cost is only $144.50 below sticker! :blush: Even if I included the amount of the $483.93 final lease payment the dealership would cover, it's still only $628.43 under sticker.

    It seems more clear to me that knowing the True Market Value price can really save some bucks! The TMV for the RDX-08 w/Tech in my area is $36,585 without options. If I'm looking to add the body side moulding for $353.20, then the gross cap cost should be closer to $36,938 and not $37,265.50.

    HOWEVER, I'm still confused because I just ran the numbers on the lease calculator on this site and the calculator shows the monthly payment to be $604.58. If this number is correct, then a $515 monthly payment doesn't look that bad. Thoughts, anyone? :confuse: :confuse:
  • I just signed for the RDX base with $1522 down (includes first month, bank fees, doc fees)...$464 a month (includes taxes) for 15,000 miles per year. My car doesn't come in for 2 weeks. I'm in NJ. Has anyone out there taken the "tire" protection plan with their lease?
  • gr8deal:

    I'm certainly not Car_Man, but $ 515 is irrelevant if you give them $3500 up front! That's a bunch to "risk" if you total the vehicle driving out of the dealership! What's their Money Factor (mine was 0.00155) which works out to ~ 3.7% and is about the best I've seen. Your quoted Residual seems ok for 12k/yr (mine is ~19,800 at 10k/yr ~ 62%). Its the Cap Cost and Residual and Cap Reduction and Money Factor all combined that make the DEAL! Ya gotta look at them all.

    I still think they are giving you a 'Hose Job'. You may have a problem getting a comparable number on the 30th since new Lease Factors and Numbers won't be published till next week, but I'd sure check with another dealer for a quick quote. Again I actually used a Broker and got a better response than trying to negotiate directly. I had to push a bit, but they really came through! Just a thought! :surprise:

  • Thanks so much! I need to find time today to speak with the dealership with this info!
  • Dealer invoice price is $34,692.
    Paperwork says Gross Cap Cost is $37,265.50.
    Doesn't that mean that the dealership makes a profit of $2573.50?

    Plus Cap Cost Reduction is $2475.48 + 123.77 tax = Adjusted Cap Cost of $34,790.

    Dealer claims that the $2475.48 is what the dealership is reducing the car for ... If so, then where does the $3500 down payment go towards?
  • Never leased before. Considering a lease of an 08 RDX base model through Honda Finance. Supposed to be for "well qualified buyers".

    MSPR 33,910 which includes dest. charges (I think I need to add CA sales tax to this.

    Net Cap Costs 31,193
    Due at signing 2,999
    Mthly pmts 399
    Opt to purchase cost 19,667
    Term 36 mths
    Mileage 10 K per year
    Mileage cost .20

    I want to try to up mileage to 15K per year. If I'm successful, would this be a reasonable lease?

    Thanks for the help and guidance.
  • Hi Car_Man,

    Can you verify the money factor and residual for 2008 RDX W/O TECH for 36 month lease with 10K/year?

    I was quoted 0.00125 and 58%.

  • I just leased a 2008 RDX base in the NY area as follows:

    36 months/12k miles/mo
    $440/mo including sls tx
    Up front cash: 1st month payment of $440, Acquisition fee of $595, Registration fees

  • Hi Sandy 25,
    What dealer are you leasing from? I'm in Essex County, NJ.
  • infinitimn

    email me and I'll send you the name of the dealer.
    Sandy 25
  • I sure hope it's not mine (I'm in NJ, too) 'cause it's seems to be a few hundred better than the deal I got a couple of weeks ago!!
  • In case it helps someone, I had two dealers in the Triangle area of NC offer deals of ~$400 over invoice and the buy rate money factor is .00125 - makes for a darned good buy. Still, I couldn't pull myself away from the X3...
  • When leasing an RDX, are dealer installed accessories such as running boards and roof rack residualizable?

  • Congratulations on getting your new RDX, rdxtech. Thanks for taking the time to share the details of your lease with everyone. Make sure to stop by the new Dealer Ratings & Reviews section of to share your thoughts on your recent dealer experience with everyone. Enjoy your new ride :shades: .

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  • Hi gr8deal. What this dealer told you is absolutely incorrect. Consumers are never, ever required to make a capitalized cost reduction in order to qualify for a manufacturers' special lease program. It is in your best interested to lease without making any cap cost reduction.

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  • Hi gr8deal. It does indeed look like the dealer that you are working with is attempting to charge you $2,500 over dealer invoice. I personally would want a larger discount than this if I was in the market for an Acura MDX. Acura sales have been fairly slow, so dealers are probably anxious to sell vehicles. Plus, the end of the year is always a good time to buy. Shoot for a selling price of $500 or so over dealer invoice and see what happens. If you are in an area that has a decent level of competition you probably will be able to do better than this offer.

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  • Welcome thejarvii. Since you are new to the world of leasing, you definitely should check out the following informative articles that are available here at prior to visiting any dealers: 10 Steps to Leasing a New Car and Calculate Your Own Lease Payment.

    Let's take a look at the deal that you were offered. The dealer invoice price for a base 2008 Acura RDX is $31,220. If I was in the market for this vehicle right now, I personally would shoot for a selling price of around $500 over invoice, or $31,720. You provided the net capitalized cost of the vehicle that you want in your post. This is not its true selling price because it is probably after any capitalized cost reduction that you are making is being taken into account. It is actually in your best interest not to make any cap cost reduction when leasing. Lessees who make down payments on leased vehicles risk losing part or all of them if their car or truck is totaled in an accident or stolen and never recovered. Go with a zero down lease (only 1st month, security, acquisition, & taxes at signing), aim for a selling price of $500 over invoice, and make sure that the dealer uses a money factor of .00125 to calculate your monthly payment and you are in business. This money factor assumes that you qualify for Honda Finance's top credit tier.

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  • best lease $1000 out of pocket $510 to $520 incl tax for tech pack. the closer you
    get to this numbers the better your lease.
  • if you live in La area, there is a Car Broaker in Glendale calle Pacific Auto Leasing,
    we leased all of our family cars from them including my new rdx tech.
    all you do is call them and ask to give you quote over the phone.
    just tell them how much money you can put down.
    Their price is alot lower than any dealership i went to.
    Good luck!! :) :shades:
  • Here's the information that you're looking for, witt168. Honda Finance's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 Acura RDX without Tech with 10,000 miles per year are .00125 and 58%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

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  • ">I live in the NY area and ready to find the best RDX lease . Your deal sounds like a great deal. Can you give me the dealership ?
  • send me your email and I'll give you the dealer'sname

  • cwa318cwa318 Posts: 64
    Does anyone know what price is being offered on the national lease add for the RDX? Its 399 month with 1999.00 due at signing. I am going to go tomorrow night and try and negotiate a deal. Thanks
  • I just picked up the RDX (Nov. pricing, I suppose) for @$464 (includes NJ sales tax) a month for 15,000 miles per year. Total of $1522 due (includes 1st month payment). Probably could have gotten it for a little less, but it was competitive with all dealers in my area. I was Tier 1 for lease financing.
  • Tfhe $399 doesn't include state sales tax and is for 10,000 miles/yr. I was able to negotiate (easily) $440 including sales tax and 12,000 miles/yr with $595 acquisition fee and 1st month payment up front plus registration fees in NYC area.
  • I picked up an 08 RDX Base last week - thought I would share the details of the deal.

    MSRP $33,910
    Sale price $31,720
    Acquisition fee $595
    Sales tax $300 (SC max)
    Other $288
    MF .00125
    12,000 miles per year, 36 months
    57% residual

    $442 per month, only paid first month's payment to drive it home

    I think I could've done better, but I got myself into a time crunch. I showed up at the dealer the evening before I planned to drive home for the holidays and I wanted to take it instead of my truck.
  • HELP! I am trying to find a last minute deal before Dec offers are over (correct me if i'm wrong here and if i should not be in a rush). Looking for ideally 24 month lease 0 cap reduction in NJ on the RDX with tech package.

    Anyone in the area, please email me with dealer name and details.

    should i be expecting $450-$470 monthly range as i've read here...
  • Hi all:

    I'm in NC. I've received the following offer and am wondering the usual--good deal, or should I be able to do better?

    RDX tech with splash guards, cargo mat and wheel locks:
    selling price: 34995
    money factor: .00155 (he didn't quote me on tier one)
    residual: 58%
    cap reduction: 0
    36 months/12k - $560
    36 months/10k - $549

    I could also get the non-tech, same terms as above, for:
    Sell price: 31895
    36/10k - $468
    36/12k - $478.

    They're willing to sell me the RDX tech for 34100 and the non-tech for 30900, but their lease prices were higher. I have not made a decision yet; please let me know your thoughts on this deal.
  • looking at these #'s something doesn't add up. lease payments should be lower, i'm assuming your also including taxes?
  • Hey - yes, those prices include tax.
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