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The steering wheel on my car vibrates when braking and accelerating in high speed

AKHANSAKHANS Member Posts: 1
edited August 2019 in Chevrolet
Hello All,

I'm facing steering wheel vibrations when I go past 120KMPH. Can someone please tell me what's causing the problem? The car (steering) vibrates on the following two occasions.
  1. i. When I go in high speed and then continue to press the gas
  2. ii. When I go in high speed and apply brake (it's shaking really bad)
Just wanted to give a little background to see if any of these things can relate to the problem.

#1- I resurfaced my front rotors couple of months back and put new brake pads. And the steering wheel pump was making a squeaking noise which was also fixed by the mechanic back then.

After couple of weeks, the ABS lighted turned on itself and there's this vibrating sound (like two metals are in contact) when I applied brake. The steering wheel made some weird noises in slow turns as well.

So, I took the car to a different mechanic who changed one of the ABS sensors and I was told that the steering wheel noise while turning in slow speed was due to a loosen nut. As for the noise that came in when I applied brake, it disappeared on its own. I'm still not sure that vibrating sound was due to ABS failure or something that's still lurking!.

#2 - I changed all my four tyres couple of weeks back after spotting dry rots in my old Michelin in just under 30K KMs of use. The fitting and alignment was done by the vendor.

I'm currently clueless as to what's causing my car/steering wheel to vibrate in high speeds especially when I apply brakes. I would much appreciate your help in understanding the problem and whether it's an indication of any costly repair.

Thank you so much for the help!
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