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Has anyone had their NAV unit changed out to solve this known problem? The TSB # is EL-008-06. If your VIN # is prior to (less than) JTHBJ46G#72022076 your vehicle is likely affected. My dealership acknowledges that the TSB is accurate but says that when they spoke with LEXUS, LEXUS said the fix hasn't been finalized. The replacement NAV unit, changed under warranty, cost about $10000 to $12000 depending on who your are talking with. Thanks, Alien


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    Mine isn't affected by the TSB but I've read of others w/ units affected by the TSB who recently had their units replaced w/ one that now works correctly.

    IMHO--I find it hard to believe that it would cost $10K to replace the nav unit; no factory nav unit is worth that much, and from what I can deduce, essentially all they're realling doing is a simple swap of nav head units and some kind of reprogramming (someone had mentioned that her nav unit got replaced but the VR problem was still there--only after it was discovered that a required programming step that needed to be performed hadn't been done did the replacement unit work correctly).
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    Thanks for the reply. I agree, the cost does seem extreme. The amount was quoted by the service rep. Do you remember where you saw info about others? I'm trying to get several real life replacements (dealership names and dates) to forward to my dealership to prod them into doing a little more than just saying the fix isn't available. Thanks again, alien.
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    Mine was replaced by the dealership. It seemed to work fine before except for the climate control voice recognition. There may have been other things that didn't work well but, if so, I had not used those features. The climate control VR works fine in the replacement unit. As a bonus, the VR in everything seems to be much more accurate. The voice dial used to get the correct telephone number about 80-85% of the time on the first try. Since the replacement, it has recognized the number correctly 100% of the time on the first try.
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    dp5. thanks for the reply. would you mine sharing the dealership's name and time frame that you had the NAV unit replaced? My dealership, after saying they talked with Lexus, says that the fix isn't ready yet. I'm getting several cases where it has already been installed. Thanks, alien.
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    I read about it in the ES 350 section of the forum..."
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    Thank for the info dp5. Alien
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    Whoops! That was my fault. The dealership who replaced my Nav unit is Westside Lexus. I posted the phone number to save someone time from looking it up but did not mean to violate the rules. I'll be more careful in the future.
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    Yes i had mine changed about 3 weeks ago, has worked fine ever since. Prior to the change it would not recognize raise or lower temperature or any specific temperature request. They did the job without any damage to the dash.
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    Thanks ron123. What dealership did the work? Please no phone #'s just the dealerships name. I'm glad everything is working better now. Alien.
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    I had the climate VR problem. The dealer installed a new display unit (it's actually NOT the nav ecu that's replaced) under warranty about two weeks ago. All my voice commands have worked perfectly ever since.

    The only down side is that I had to reinput all my stored phone numbers (Verizon phone).
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    Thanks for your input. I'm currently waiting for the part to come in so it can be replaced. As usual, when a design error is found after the car is released, the parts to correct the problem are in short supply. Thanks again, Alien.
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    how do you say like call marv? how do you set that up and what do you push to get started/
    i see it cycles thru mpg and you can see distance traveled but how do you set time clock.... the nav will tell you projected time and distance but not actual time spent driving... i had a es 300 and that was part of the info cycled that you did from the steering wheel but i dont see it on the new 2007 es 500
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    First, add Marvin to your phonebook. When you add his name, telephone number (be sure to include the area code so it displays the name of the incoming caller)then scroll to the second page to add a voice tag. When you record the name use two words like, "Marvin Home", "Marvin Work" or "Marvin Cell". Always use two words for better recognition.
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    can you then just say "call Marvin" or do you you have to say "Dial by name" yada yada
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    I have a 2007 ES 350 and I need a list of all the commands for my GPS, radio, climate control, Bluetooth, and anything else I can do with voice commands. Can anyone tell me where I can find a list of all of the commands?
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    Try hitting the voice command button and say "help." I think that works for the major commands. All the commands are in either the owners manual or the Nav manual or both.
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    hi ron123,
    i have taken ES 350 2010,
    how do identify the version of the dashboard unit installed,
    what to i ask for to upgrade: currently two main things are missing

    1)Audio speaker system the bluetooth does not pair with bluetooth enabled audio players, to stream audio, AD2P
    the Audio tabs does not have Bluetooth tab.

    2) Voice commands for climate control/navigation/, and all other possible (some uses said upto 100 general commands) do not work.
    looks like

    pls guide me..
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