Mysterious Electrical Issue

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About 6 years ago my car, a 2009 chrysler sebring, had an automatic start installed by my mechanic. It has had electrical issues since. First, the automatic start doesnt even work anymore, and has terrible signal but thats besides the point.

After it was installed for xmas that following summer my car started going haywire. It has continued to do this to this day. My mechanic has tried taking out and reinstalling the automatic start twice but it continues. He maintains its a separate electrical issue and nothing to do with the start. Here is what happens:

When the temperature outside gets very hot or my car has been sitting in the sun for too long my car will start popping the locks open and closed, flash the hazards, beep the horn (like the alarm set horn), and pop the trunk. It will do this repeatedly over and over again. Turning off the car and removing the key doesnt stop it. It is a huge embarrassment and somewhat dangerous to be in the middle of driving and the car just losing it. It has happened a couple of times during colder weather, but i would say 95% of the time the incidents occur during hotter summer days.

My mechanic doesnt have a clue. What could it be?
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