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2010 gmc canyon

Dakota64Dakota64 Member Posts: 2
edited August 2019 in GMC
At approximately 98,000 miles my ABS fault light and traction brake fault light started to come on for no apparent reason. Took it to a dealer in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and they could not get it to replicate and hooked it up and saw in the past it had happened and the fault cleared on its own.

I asked them what to do if it happened again and they told me to bring it in.

Of course it happened again after I left the shop on my way home 50 miles away and after service hours and I needed to be in Denver, Colorado the next day at 1000am. The ligts came on twice during the 100 mile trip to Denver and a new problem as well, the fan and air conditioning do not work when the two faults occur. A local Denver dealer cannot get it in for 2 weeks to look at it!

I'm not sure it is safe to drive it the 100 miles back home in 2 days. Any sugfestions? It's currently in the high 90s and not having air conditioning to drive is not high on my list along with not knowing I might not have brakes to climb and descend 2 10,000 foot passes. I know first world problems...


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