New to Me SUV

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Hello everyone, I want to replace my 2000 Mercedes E320 Wagon with a larger SUV. I love my wagon, and have not had any issues with it, but with almost 250,000 miles, it is time for something a little newer. I really like the Q7 and the Mercedes GL, but after hearing about the nightmare mechanical issues with the GL, I might stay away. As far as the Q7 goes, is there a year to stay away from. I'm aware of tires and brakes needing to be replaced a lot, but aside from these two things, is there anything else I should be aware of. I'm leaning towards the 3.0T Sline Prestige. I'm thinking 2012 - 2014. Are these good years as far as reliability? We drive a lot, and I don't want anything happening on the road. I have always owned VWs, and my wife has a Touareg, but it is too small. I love the way the Q7 looks, and I like all of the features, I just worry about repair costs. Thanks for the advise, I really appreciate it.
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