i put a paper towel in my engine

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so i was trying to read the oil dipstick, and i couldnt really read it easily. so i had the really really really really really really stupid idea of taping (scotch tape) a small piece of paper towel about the width of the stick. it was about maybe 4-5 inches long. and i used a very thin piece of scotch tape to hold it to the stick. of course it didn't hold and it is now stuck in the oil dipstick hole and i cant see it with a flashlight. is my engine f*cked??????


  • TChalmersORTChalmersOR OregonMember Posts: 2
    How's it going now after a few months? You might want to drop the oil pan, clean it out and see if there is anything left of the tape. A little bit of paper would not cause any trouble, but the tape might jam the oil pump. We all make mistakes. I won't tell you about mine.
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    Worse case is you need to pull the head to remove it.
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