why is My Chevy Equinox killing ever time I put it in drive?

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I tried use gas treatments in my car made everything worse. I changed the Idle Air Control valve last year two weeks later then computer went out $800 there, It just keeps on giving trouble.. Recall the engine they know its defected. Never will I ever get another Chevy Equinox........


  • imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 27,103
    You don't mention the year, engine, anything.

    I can think of many things that might have been diagnosed by taking to a good dealer, especially if the car actually does die each time its put into drive.

    Adding a gasoline additive is doing nothing about any potential fact ors. Why would it?

    Could be the accelerator pedal unit. Could be the throttle body unit. Could be the wiring on the engine going to the throttle body. Could be contacts on wiring to these units or the various control modules that have fretted and making poor contacts.

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