Please help! Is my clutch slipping?

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About 2 and a half years ago I replaced my clutch, It ran great. A year later my mass air flow sensor went out (after getting the code) I replaced it, engine light went off and ran great. 6 months later engine light pops back on reading the same code, and then my clutch starts acting up. I could no longer shift. first starting my car, Id push the clutch all the way to the floor and it was almost impossible to put into gear. After warming up I was able to shift and drive from A to B.
I then pulled to slave valve, flushed the fluid, replaced the mass air flow sensor once again, and everything worked perfectly. Engine light gone. Everything seemed to be working perfectly, however, a couple weeks later my car would begin to bunny hop when taking off from a dead stop. almost like it didn't have power. I thought maybe my fuel pump was going out but then it stopped.
Now my clutch is only 2 years old, and I've replaced the mass air flow sensor twice. 5 days ago, engine light came back on. Code reads the same thing - bad sensor (again) and now its like my Tiburon has no power.
I give it gas and the rpm's shoot way up and there is no power, I can't gain any speed..
Im hoping it isn't my clutch slipping, that maybe something else might be happening. any ideas?
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