Lexus RX350 2013 Android Head unit

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Hello! I recently became the owner of the 350th.
I plan to buy a head unit on Android OS, but before that I want to study in detail all the aspects, difficulties and possible consequences of such an undertaking.
I have a 2013 model.
Maybe someone already installed, please share your experience, I will be very grateful.


  • VolanRX350VolanRX350 Member Posts: 3

    So that’s what I got.
    After a couple of weeks of studying the issue. I found the right option and ordered it. Installation was not more difficult to disassemble)))
    Just kidding.
    I expect just the delivery of the head unit.
  • VolanRX350VolanRX350 Member Posts: 3
    Hello! Finally I installed the head unit.
    Now it looks like the panel of my car.
    The device has acquired a trend from Smarty Trend , if anyone is interested.

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