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I have a 2006 SE Sport coupe. I've noticed over the past couple of months that I have several rain drop stains on my cloth seats (these are the seats with the checkerboard pattern in the sport model). Anyone know why this happened? What kind of product can I use without fading the color?

Anyone experience the same problem?



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    I have an 05 Solara and recently unknowingly left it parked covertible down by a sprinkler. I am not sure how long the sprinkler was on before someone told me but I can tell there is some water damage. Is there anything I can do? :confuse:
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    I have an 05 SLE convertible and wonder if anyone can tell me how to remove the rear seat headrests? Thanks.
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    I have a 2006 Convertible. I asked our dealer about swapping out or removing the headrests and also about why the back seat wouldn't fold down (the trunk is on the small side & I wanted to increase the carrying capacity. The dealer explained to me that within the headreast's soft outer covering is a rigid steel shaft. This shaft is an integral part of the vehicle's passenger protection system. The headrest is not removable and back seat is stationary for that reason.

    Hope this helps,
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    I have a 2006 Solara SLE coupe and I love the car. The quality of the interior is fantastic, and I always getting compliments on it. A few months ago, I was taking my bichon to the groomers and he threw one of his paws in the general direction of the window and his nails put a major vertical scratch in the wood-grain trim. My car is in perfect condition (has less than 10,000 miles on it), so I took it in figuring I would I have to get a new trim panel. Nope, the Toyota service guy says, the trim panels are built into the door and you would have to buy a new door! That blew my mind!

    Anyway,I just know there must be some way to touch the scratch up on my wood-grain trim panel, but this far, no one has had any suggestion on something I could do. I would really be grateful if someone here would have any ideas for me.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas you might provide!

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    I hope the service department meant they'd have to replace the door interior lining and not the whole door. Worst case scenario is that the woodgrain trim is entailed into that lining. I would call up the parts department and see if they sell that trim separately, if they say yes then it's possible it may be clipped/screwed in. If they do not sell it then there may be a deeper answer involving it being bundled with something else. Other than asking someone in woodwork, I have no ideas on touching it up.

    But just a suggestion though, if you really cherish your woodgrain (and possibly leather) I would not let anything with claws, a free bladder and sharp teeth in the car that's not in a carrier--for the safety of yourself, other drivers, the dog's and your interior trim.
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    Thanks for your reply to my question. They did tell me that the car comes from the factory with the woodgrain trim built in, but I will call the parts department just in case the technician I spoke to was wrong. As for the dog, he has graduated three levels of dog training and is always very good (and still) in the car. This was just a freak thing. If he acted up in the car, I would not take him with me.

    Again, I do appreciate your suggestion about the car.
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    Just purchased a 2006 solara convertable and wanted to remove the headrests. Have you had any luck in getting this done. I am about to take a saws-all to them. Any info would be greatly appreciated by anyone who has sucessfully remvoed these.
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    The rear headrests are "rollbars" in disguise. Lots of others have tried to remove them, and failed. Dealers won't, and do-it-yourselfers find it impossible.

    Check out the 'Solaraguy''ll see.
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    I have a 2006 convertible in which the top half of one of the back seats is rippling. I discussed the issue with the District Service and Parts Manager who offered me some of their reccommended leather conditioner, for free, as a solution. They gave me all kinds of possibilities for the rippling, none of which are viable. IE: "Sun damage"- I love this one. Isn't the convertible made for the sun? Besides my car has less than 12000 miles on it and doesn't sit, with the top down, in extreme heat. "It could have gotten wet"-Please tell me how?? I don't even drive it in the winter and it is covered every night. "It could be from usage"-Really? There has been a passenger in that backseat probably 12 times. In addition the care receives details and mini details on a regular basis which includes leather conditioning. "They could have used a conditioner that was not compatible with the leather" -Then tell me why the issue exists only on one seat. I am planning to take it to an upolhestry shop before I continue up the chain of command at toyota. Has anybody else had this issue? THANK YOU! :mad:
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    The fabric on one of our sun visors is beginning to tear. We've got about 34000 miles on the car. We've got the extended warranty covering the interior and exterior.
    Can I expect my dealer to replace this or tell me to just pound sand?

    I know, read the warranty. Just trying to see what others have experienced

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    I have a 2000 Solara Coupe with the V6. After the car sat for 3+ months waiting for a engine replacement, the car is finally back on the road. When I picked the car up on Monday, we took it for a ride to check it out. When my significant other flipped the passenger visor down, she was greeted by the vanity mirror. I tried to clip it back in place, but that's not working.

    So, I need to locate replacement visors. Anyone found a good source?
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