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OE tire selection

chung2020chung2020 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2019 in Toyota
Hi all,

I recently plan to buy a 2018 carmy. And the dealer provides some options for oe tire:
Firestone: FT140
Bridgestone: Ecopia EP422 PLUS or Turanza EL440
Hankook: Kinergy GT H436

Does anyone have suggestions? How's the tread wear condition about these tires?
It would be very helpful before final decision.
Thank you


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    capriracercapriracer Member Posts: 907
    edited August 2019
    3 thoughts:

    OE tires are designed to the vehicle manufacturer's specs, so the difference in tread wear is likely to be close to the same, since they are built to the same specs.

    Second, it likely that there is no consumer wear information available on these tires since they were designed specifically for the Camry and haven't been out there long enough for people wear the tires out (except by misalignment!)

    I am puzzled that a 20018 is available new (or are the tires part of the deal on a used one?) In either case, the fact that they are OE means that the tires probably won't wear very well and/or may have traction issues. It might be better to bargain for aftermarket tires. Those would have better wear.
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