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imageMonthly Update for July 2019 - 2017 Tesla Model 3 Long-Term Road Test

Our long-term 2017 Tesla Model 3 crossed the 20,000-mile mark in July. In this update, we debate whether a car can be separated from its biggest cheerleader.

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  • rorischakrorischak Member Posts: 1
    Really? Was this diatribe really needed? I thought you were in the process of reviewing cars? No one gives a crap about your opinion on Henry Ford or Elon for that matter. You want to help people Will how about describing 'bouncy' a little more like a journalist? When is it bouncy? broken pavement? floaty? wallows?

    Next time skip the guilt trip and put out a more comprehensive review.
  • kburgkburg Member Posts: 9
    I appreciate this site a lot! Many cars these days have ride comfort issues. I'd like to hear more details about this in all cars.
  • TheSandyClamTheSandyClam Member Posts: 1
    Found the Tesla owner...
  • FortKnox21FortKnox21 Member Posts: 1
    One reviewer says it’s “bouncy” and the other reviewer says it’s “firm”. What????
  • OranjeOranje Member Posts: 1
    Was that really necessary Will?
    Felt uncomfortable reading that to be honest.
  • bwilson4web4bwilson4web4 Member Posts: 3
    I keep my Model 3 charged for 'day trip' range to the nearest cities: Nashville, Chattanooga, or Birmingham. Any further and it becomes an overnight with packing and more planning. In those cases, 100% works to get as far as possible before starting the long range cycle: 2 hour drive and 20 minute charge.

    Perhaps it is time to do a 'Smackdown' trip between the EVs to Las Vegas and back.
  • TheMuskratTheMuskrat Member Posts: 2
    Is Edmunds aware that their car is an early production car that had stiffer suspension than the vast majority of cars produced? Early cars were eligible for an upgrade to the newer suspension at no cost.
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