Bad Frame

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Hi I bought a 2007 Ford Explorer Super Trec last August (One year age to date). I did get a 30 day warranty on it and the only thing they fixed was the back window. After the 30 days a bunch of stuff started to happpen radio would not light up...engine light came on ect ect.
Well with the problems I decided it was best to get rid of it and trade it in. To my surprise when they looked at it for a trade they told me that the frame was so rusted that it should not be driven. I took it to a ford dealer and they said the same thing.
I paid @ 10,000. And owe @ 8,000. And the truck is worth nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions?????? It also needs a new sticker by the end of the month, today is August 29th.
I am not sure what to do but I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction ????
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