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Dodge Durango hemi 2004

Msgirly79Msgirly79 MissouriMember Posts: 1
edited August 2019 in Dodge
My dodge Durango hemi 04 started knocking after getting gas 1 day and I took it to a few mechanic's and they both said it was the lifters and I should replace the engine. I had been through this before with my 2000 dodge Durango and I wasn't gonna replace another engine on another dodge Durango and I would rather sell.
So I didn't drive the dodge Durango hemi 04 for a while and decided to take it for a drive 10 minutes from my house. The engine light came on and I let it set for a few hours at the location I went to.
I tried to start it up and it didn't want to turn over and after a few minutes I finally got the Durango running but as I drove the engine light kept coming on and it was shaking really bad and I couldn't get it over 60 mph. I barely made it home and noticed it wasn't knocking anymore and it just shakes really bad. I thought it was the lifters but now I don't know what it is.
It has rained quite a bit in my state and I am seeing people talking about that on here. My back doors always has water coming out and my sun roof is always stained.
I don't want to blow the engine but I prefer not to drive it.


  • PatricPatric FloridaMember Posts: 2
    One of my previous dodges had a plugged catalytic converter and when it was wet weather it did similar. it causes too much back pressure on the motor and will cause further damage if not replaced. If an oxygen sensor is what comes up when put on a computer this is likely to be your problem. I am not a mechanic. my suggestion is a result of the school of hard knocks.
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