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I have checked with every bike store in my town and I have been told there is no bike rack that will safely go on the G35 Cpe, and you cant put a hitch on it without cutting the car. I heard only one place in CT called Bird Automotive has invented a safe way of installing bike racks, golf carrier, and ski/snowboard racks for these cars and it can be ordered on the Internet but the cost is $400. They are two are steel pipes that run underneath the car between the factory tailpipes, recessed behind the bumper. You attach the U shaped pipes under the spare tire well with 3 bolts. That is the only drilling that has to be done. You can really see the pipes underneath and you simply slide the custom made bike rack into these receiver pipes and you have a bike rack similiar to a hitch bike rack. There are pictures on this website and what is nice is that the bikes to dont touch the car at all and you can still open your trunk. Does anyone have one of these G35 bike racks? If so, please tell me how they like it. I am thinking of ordering it but I hate to pay the cost for one. Anyone find any other type of bike rack that works. A lot of the bike stores first will say they have one but when they realize my car is not the Sedan but the Coupe they say it cant be done because there is no way to make it secure.


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    ...would you want to put a bike rack on this beautiful car anyway? Borrow a friends/neighbors/relatives car if you need to and let them use the G. Please don't risk scratching it up, or be seen with a bunch of bikes hanging off the back of your ride. This car is too COOL for that. :shades:
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    I had the same issue as you! I was NOT told, however, that no rack would safely secure a bike on the coupe. They sold me a SERAS rack (don't know the model # -sorry!)...and I've been cringing ever since. I watch my bike in the rear view mirror ALL THE TIME and hate to watch my bike move in the slightest...

    I get nervous every time I need to cart my bike anywhere because there is no real way for a rack to be totally secure on this car. I can say though that I've been more scared of losing my bike than scratching the car. The rack is well protected with thick foam and rubberized gripper hook thingees. The Seras carrier has not damaged my car..but the poor G DOES look weird with the bike hangin off the back. Even my $2300 carbon bike... It just doesn't look right on the G. :P
    Like joefro said - "the car is too COOL for that". hee hee

    Anyway.. my solution to this problem and others is to graduate up to the FX35. LOL!! My boyfriend said that my bike doesn't like the G (even though beautiful and powerful). I will be sad to leave my '05 beauty...but will be oh so happy that I have room to haul more than just a## now. :)
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    Thanks for the link to Bird Automotive. Since I normally bike starting from my house, this is normally not an issue, and if I do take my bike, I can put it into the back seat, by removing the front wheel. I just lay a couple of blankets down first, to protect the seat, and in she goes.

    Not sure which would is worse - a bike rack on the back or a bike in the back seat. :)
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    I thought I would post a solution since I did actually put a Yakima roof rack on my 2008 G35x. I simply bought the Yakima specs for a 2005 G35 and got the Q Towers, 48" crossbars, and 2 sets of Q35 Clips (this is the key item as they fit the G35 door/roof line perfectly). Follow the directions but you may actually need to bring the spacing between the bars and inch or so in due to the newer profile. If you run you fingers along the underside of the roof/door frame, you will actually feel purposefully build notches in the frame for the Q35 clips!

    After I installed it I drove from Denver to Vail in 30-50 MPH winds with skis and a snowboard on top with zero problems. The beauty if the system is that all you have to do when you don't need it is to unhinge the Q Towers and remove the rack. That way you can avoid all the harsh ridicule on web blogs for putting a rack on "such a beautiful car"... LOL
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    Do you have pictures of this on your car? I am getting mine Saturday and live in Denver
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    Anybody using a Thule roof rack on a G35 sedan?

    I've always used Thule racks - on Saabs, Honda Accords and my Honda Pilot. Now that we have a G35 sedan, I need to see if I can "rack" that vehicle.

    Let me know if you're doing so.

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    There's a guy on G35Driver that took a chance and bought the Thule roof rack for the 2006 G35.
    He installed it and it fits perfectly.
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    I did the next best thing and leased an EX35 also and mounted my rack to that. I couldn't see any way to make it work on the 07/08's.
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    I'll find the post and drop some pics of his car here, next chance I get.
    I had to do a doubletake myself when I saw it.
    It looks perfect and he said that it went on with no trouble at all.
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    Can you tell me the Q-Clip NUMBER that fit your G35?
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    Any followup on how the Yakima racks are holding up a g35 sedan? I unknowingly leased the car and was told by the dealer that racking the car was no problem. Anyone had any kind of roof rack for a while that has performed well?
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    Just tried my Thule roof rack (purchased for an Altima 2.5S 2005) and it seems to fit pretty snugly on my Infiniti G35x 2008. As previously mentioned, Thule recommends the same rack for the Altima (05) and the G35 (06). I'm quite sure that Nissan/Infiniti are using pretty much the same sized frame for both the Altima, Maxima and the G35-G37.

    A small gap seems to appear between the rubber on the door which connects with the roof but it does not appear overly testing. I would probably not keep the roof rack all on the time - but for a few weekend trips during any season - I'm quite sure this wouldn't be a problem. Hope this helps.
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    I used the Q towers and the Q35 clips on my 2008 G35x
    It worked perfectly. It whistled at first but after I put the fairing on it no longer made any noise. I didn't follow the M1 Measurements but I followed the rest of them. If anyone would like I can email you pictures and my measurements. my email is [email protected]

    I waited and waited for them to make a rack until i found this posting. After reading above i decided to do it and it took me about 2hrs. and $500

    This car looks awesome with ski racks! I drive it to the mountain all of the time. Good handling, Fast, and all wheel drive. It's the perfect recreational vehicle now.
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    i would like see the pix and the measurements. ive waited too. leased in nov of 06 and finally some results. i wouldnt bother but i love the car and pamperred it, so im gonna buy it. between surfing snowboarding and biking a need one baaaad
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    After reading these posts and others on different sites, I went to my local rack shop and asked them to put on some Yakima racks. They deal in both Yakima and Thule, and after some discussion, the installer told me he'd sell me a Yakima rack, but he'd recommend a Thule more for this kind of roof profile. He also said he'd install the Thule, but not the Yakima (and emphasized it was just for this kind of car profile). Something to do with being able to tighten down the rack better for this kind of roofline.

    I'm brand agnostic here, so I don't really want to start a debate on the merits of the two, and for simplicity's sake went with the Thule, and had them install it (I've since taken it off and installed it myself).

    The nice thing about having them do it is that based on the slope of the roofline, he ended up putting longer clips on the back doors than the front. He had those at the shop, and had I bought the whole setup myself I would have had a sloping rack versus a level one. He also used T-bolts to secure my bike racks on, giving the whole thing a much more aerodynamic look. I've since driven two or three hundred miles with bikes on the roof, on freeways and winding roads, and had no problems. The rack is on as tight as when it was first installed. And the base setup was for the 2006 model - just the longer clips were not included.

    I've included pictures of the car which shows the longer clips on the back and shorter ones in front, and the aero look with the t-bolts instead of the regular rack attachments. Can't wait to take the car up to the mountains too.

    imageSee more Car Pictures at

    imageSee more Car Pictures at

    imageSee more Car Pictures at

    imageSee more Car Pictures at
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    Nice, is just what I need. What is the Thule rack model you installed? Any other information will be helpful. Actually I need it for snowboards~ ;)
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    Hi Kilhl - sorry, been offline for a while. The rack model is the same as for the 2006 Infiniti G35 (you can look this up on the Thule website). Bars are the Aero bars - keep in mind that the clips on the back are longer in my install than on the standard rack install due to the sloping roof. That's why I recommend going to an installer. As far as snowboards, all you need is the snowboard attachment. I did not get this as I usually take my 4 wheel up to the mountain so I don't get chips in the paint from the gravel!

    Good luck
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    That looks great! How long does it take to install this? I'm assuming no drilling/screwing is required, correct? I am looking to only put the rack on the roof when I will be using it ... perhaps 1x mo. Is this feasible?
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    Sorry - wasn't checking back as much as I should. Yes, no drilling or screwing, and I take it off when I'm not using it for a few months. I will say that after using this for a while, I could also easily go with what a lot of others did - putting a hitch on if I had only bikes. However, that doesn't work so well for skis or snowboards....
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