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E-Class Emergency Braking System Malfunctions

cbarrscbarrs Member Posts: 27
edited August 2019 in Mercedes-Benz
Hi Folks,

Many drivers are experiencing issues with their C-, S-, and E-class vehicles developing a 'false alarm' within the collision prevention systems. Drivers are experiencing the dashboard lighting up. brakes suddenly applying, seatbelt tensioning, etc - with no obstacle or obstruction present. Often at highway speeds on flat road.

There is a thread going at MBWorld, in the tech section of their forums, collecting a head count of owners who are experiencing these issues. If you drive a 2016+ MB vehicle and are having any of these issues, please join up and get yourself on the list.

As of today, MBUSA is aware of these issues but refusing to take any action. We are hopeful that by seeing the issue is widespread, they will decide to step up and do the right thing, and quickly enough to prevent any injury to their customers should one of these malfunctions cause an accident (there are several stories of close calls from MB owners on those forums).

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