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Power loss and rpm's drop

56354hemi56354hemi Member Posts: 1
edited September 2019 in Dodge
Ok I know there are some older topics on this. We have 1995 Caravan with a 3.0. That has turned into something a yugo could beat going up hill.
OK it starts just fine. Goes into gear and takes off, for a short distance. Then it might die unless you keep giving it a little gas. Or does die and seems to get worse when out side temps are hot. This engine has no crank or cam sensors. It has no mass air flow either. It has a distributor with multi point injection with a Holly throttle body.
I have changed the fuel filter and fuel pump, getting plenty of gas.
Cap, wires plugs have been changed and plugs looked good. No oil, carbon or heat damage shown.
Timing belt has been changed also.
Checked with a snap on scroll scanner and shows: "No faults found, safe to drive".
No problems with instrument cluster doing anything strange.
It also does not have ABS.
Pulling up to a stop is a crap shoot if it dies or not. When the engine gets at temp it might decide not to run until it sits to cool off.
When it acts up the rpm's just do not go up and your lucky if it will go 5 mph. It does not use or blow oil smoke.
Sometimes starting it up you need to hold gas pedal to floor and when it starts you have to raise pedal slowly so the rpm's increase.
I have seen posts where some have said they have found wires melted together in the main injector harness. Where is it as I can not find it on this engine. Others have said they have found melted wires in the main engine engine harness. Is this the one ran over the bell housing under the front exhaust where it goes over the bell housing?
I hope someone has experienced these symptoms and has found a solution. Or maybe a solution will help others with these symptoms.
Thank you
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