Hyundai Sonata Security System Questions

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I just purchased an 07 Sonata GLS, 48 hours ago. I have a question that apparently few people know the definitive answer to, including Hyundai dealerships, instruction manual accompanying car etc. I noticed what I think is a security light that blinks and is located directly in front of the driver, just behind the front windshield. My questions are: is this indeed for security, and why does it blink non-stop only when car is off, whether doors are open or not and it does not trigger an alarm. I'm afraid it is draining my battery. So far calling dealerships including the one I purchased car at has proved fruitless as they all give me a different story. All I want to know is whether it is a security feature and is the constant blinking when car is off draining my battery, and is the way it is supposed to function. Any help would be reatly appreciated. Thanks Bob


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    Its always a good idea to search the forum for prevous posts. Here's a for instance:

    "This light is a security indicator. It appears to be an LED. LEDs draw very little current and rarely burn out or fail. No need to worry about draining your battery. Don't think that your burglar alarm is on just because it's blinking, though. It starts blinking as soon as you remove the key from the ignition, oddly enough. I complained about that when Hyundai called with their survey for new owners soon after I got my Sonata. I told them it should only blink when the security alarm is armed! Here's how to be sure the alarm is on: When trunk, hood, and all doors are closed, and the button is pushed to lock the doors on the remote, the LED blinks faster than usual for 8 seconds. That's the indication that the security alarm is arming. You'll also see the parking lights blink on for a second, too."

    As I recall, there have also been other posts.
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    Thanks a lot for the quick response, you have set me at ease concerning draining the battery. I still wonder though, why there is no mention of this feature in the manual and dealerships don't seem to know what I am talking about concerning this light and it was not mentioned in the final walk-thru. Anyway, nice to know there are some sharp people out there. Thanks Bob.
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    Assuming this is the same as on the '06 Sonata's, if you press the button to arm the alarm twice in sucession, you will get the flash from the parking lights and also an audible confirmation chirp from the horn.
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    How do I program a Keyless Remote on a 2004 Sonata GLS?
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    Purchased the 2007 Sonata with automatic light control yesterday. Went into the garage this morning and saw the light sensor flashing (the one you see thru the windshield) and thought that was odd. It stops flashing when the key is in the on position, otherwise flashes all the time. I tryed turning the light controls to off (rather than automatic) and that didn't stop the flashing.

    Is that flashing normal or is there a problem. Seems to me that would wear the battery out

    Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!

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    The blinking light you see is probably there to let would be car thieves know you have a car alarm.

    The blinking LED draws very little juice. It would run for several months on a flashlight battery.
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    the blinking light is part of your anti-theft lets you know the system is armed, it should not blink when car is running...nothing to do with auto light control :D .
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    FYI the automatic light control sensor is the other button on the dash above the glove compartment.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    According to the manual you arm the alarm system using the auto key and when you do that the turn signals blink twice to let you know it is indeed armed. So it seems strange that there's also that blinking light that's ALWAYS on. Is there a way to disarm that light. I really don't need it on when it's in my garage.

    Thanks again!
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    It isn't there as much for your benefit as for a potential car thief. Although since about every car has some form of theft deterrent these days and there isn't a day goes by you don't hear a car alarm going off (and being ignored) in any parking lot I question its effectiveness. I guess it can make you feel secure anyhow. As to its running down the battery...don't worry in the slightest a single LED blinking will never impact battery life. Finally, with regard to disarming the LED...nope it is tied into the theft deterrent system which is in turn tied into other systems and so on. Ain't no big thang! In a while you will (or should) forget about it.
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    or put some black electrical tape over it :P if it bothers you so much. no offense :D
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    The blinking turn signals are to inform you. The blinking red light, as an earlier poster had already pointed out, is to inform a thief. :D
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    It blinks when alarm system is off.I still think it has something to do with the automatic headlites.
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    It blinks all the time except when the car is running. When the alarm system is just armed, it will blink in rapid session and then return to the usual cycle. If you arm the alarm and arm it again within 2 seconds, you will also get an audible confirmation chirp from the horn in addition to the blink of the turn indicators.
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    Does anyone know how to program the door locks to lock at the pre-set speed? I have tried a few things but just don't have it right.
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    The door locks need to be programed at the dealer. They lock when you hit about 16 MPH.
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    I think there is a few different pre-set speeds. But yes, they need to be programmed at the local dealer - takes five minutes.
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    So, I understand the purpose of the red flashy things... what I don;t understand is why they come on before I have even exited the car and locked the doors????
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    can anyone tell me where the old keyless entry transmiter is located on a 99 sonata GLS
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    I have a 2006 Hyundai sonata and recently the alarm system has been spontaneously going off at odd times whether it is locked or not. I thought some kids might be messing with it but it kept happening and i can't locate how to disable it while i try to get it to the dealer..... My neighbors are over it and I need help!
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    One or more of the vehicle's door jamb switches may be shorting out causing the alarm to sound. Locate the fuse for the alarm and that will disable it until you can get to dealer. Good luck
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    Agreed on the possibility of a defective sensor.

    My car, not a Hyundai, also has interior microphones that listen when the alarm is active and will set off the alarm if it hears what it deems to be interior noise. I've found that I can't really activate the alarm while leaving the sunroof cracked open as the wind noise will set it off.
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